Monday, 1 January 2018


H A P P Y  2 0 1 8!!

If you are anything like me then the idea of travelling to new places excites you. 2018 is a year where I want to tick a few more places of my ever-growing list of places that I want to visit one day.

V A N C O U V E R 
Except for Ottawa, I have explored most of Eastern Canada within my budget and time. However, considering I will be spending the first half of the year in Canada, western Canada is calling. Vancouver is on the top of the list, with Banff national park; Lake Louise and Jasper. I am ready to explore the nature of Canada, and not just the cities of eastern Canada; although the cities are equally as interesting and full of history - to some extent. 

C H I C A G O 
I have no idea why, but Chicago is on the list and only an hour flight from where I am in Canada. Maybe, I just like to visit new cities and see what they have to offer. 

L O S  A N G E L E S 
Now I am not talking about the glitzy side to LA, but one of my goals in life is to hike up to the Hollywood sign and see the hype of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Also, considering Ontario is experiencing one of the coldest winters in fifty years, I am ready for even a slight bit of heat and sun in February reading week. 

S E A T T L E 
Maybe because I am planning a visit to Vancouver and Banff in May and I want to extend my trip to Seattle, knowing full well that I will probably never fly to Seattle from England and it seems like the perfect time to visit the Windy City. 

B E R L I N 
Okay, I mean the whole of Germany. Next December all I want to do is go to a German Christmas Market and experience exactly what a German Christmas market is. Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas 2018 and I have no regrets. 

P A R I S 
The last time I visited Paris was when I was four in 2002, and even then I never went into the city as my Dad drove straight to Disney Land Paris. Okay, Disney may also be on the list to visit as an adult again, but Paris intrigues me.

S E V I L L E 
Seville is a city that I never thought about visiting until Christmas Day and I was flicking through Lonely Planet's Best in 2018 and Seville is recommended as one of the best cities to take a trip to in 2018. I love Spain and have only been to the Costa Del Sol and Costa Almeria, so visiting the historical city is something that I want to do this summer after Canada.

E D I N B U R G H 
Until 2017, I had never been outside of England in terms of the United Kingdom and that was to Wales. There is something that I love about old towns and cities, that I have grown to miss since moving to Canada. Edinburgh always catches my eye whenever I see someone on Instagram sharing a photo.

Where do you want to visit in 2018?

Love Alicia x 

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