Monday, 27 November 2017


Christmas is just four and a half weeks away, and 2017 has just gone by in the flick of the eye, and I just want time to slow down. This year I am totally feeling Christmas already, maybe it was something to do with the visit to the all year round Christmas shop in Quebec City, or the joy that I am feeling from knowing that I will not be working on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day this year due to my current unemployed status from my study abroad year? Actually, kind of wish I was working because no one tells you just how expensive studying abroad is. Okay, they do and it is probably my fault for spending too much money on food and alcohol.

I am the basic girl who on the 2nd November went straight into the Starbucks on campus to get the Christmas cup, albeit they did not have any of the Christmas drinks available, so I settled for a green tea so I did not feel quite as basic as what I looked while taking a photo of the cup for Instagram. I have no regrets about that either, even when other students were giving me weird looks. It's a Starbucks Christmas cup and that gets me excited for Christmas. 

Christmas this year is going to be different. I am flying home to England for just over three weeks in December, which means the already busy Christmas season is just going to get busier trying to see everyone before I fly back to Canada for the rest of my study year abroad. However, I am already feeling quite festive, although I have four essays, a presentation, a take home exam and an exam before leaving; it might have been because the snow has already begun and it has not got above 2 degrees in the last four weeks. Anyway, here are the five things that I am looking forward to this Christmas ....

1. Christmas Markets
I was planning on going to the Toronto Christmas Market, but funds are now in short supply, so I will just have to settle with London. Winter Wonderland and the South Bank Christmas market, are the two Christmas markets that I am planning on visiting this Christmas. There will also be some other Christmas shopping, but East Anglia is a tiny bit awful for Christmas Markets.

2. Christmas Films
Might have already watched Love Actually, The Holiday and a tiny bit of Arthur Christmas and it is still a month till Christmas...

3. Going home
Honestly, I can't wait to be flying home for Christmas. My own bed; seeing family and friends; good food; no deadlines. I will just be nice to have a break from university and Canada.

4. Christmas food
When you have been living off basic Canadian University catered food for the last 13 weeks, all you want is decent food. Like please give me all the salmon, avocado, eggs (basic, I know) and all the Christmas food. I just want a mince pie, and in Canada they have no idea what a mince pie is. Also, Christmas Day dinner. Like come to me please!!

5. Friends
It is going to be so nice to go home and have catch ups with friends. I know I have a trip to Cambridge already planned, meals and drinks; and honestly I can not wait.

Love Alicia x 

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