Monday, 7 August 2017


Somehow over the last year I have managed to save up £91 on my Boots Advantage Card. Honestly I am not quite sure how it happened, but it happened. 

Okay that's kinda a lie, I do know how it happened. I spend a pretty penny in Boots and the points started to add up. The Boots app is also great to add offers to your Advantage Card; as well as the vouchers they send through the post. Also the triple points day or weekend, is also a great help as well. So if you are going to go and spend £50, you can probably easily earn £10 worth of points in one shop. One time, I actually earned £15 worth of points and spent around about £50 thanks to loading offers onto my card from the app, using a voucher or two, and it was a triple point event. Winning. 

In other words, download the Boots app and start building them points up. 

For me, I didn't just want to spend my points on my normal shampoo, or deodorant, or maybe that suncream for holiday. I wanted to buy products that I probably would not buy normally. Like a little treat to myself, particularly as I wanted to get my hands on the Dior Plump and Volume Mascara, that I kept seeing everywhere. At the price tag of £25 I probably would not have normally have brought the mascara, and instead put it on the 2017 Christmas list. On the other hand, a product which I would have gone out and brought, is the L'oreal Paradise Mascara, which was all over my Instagram a couple of weeks back. Neither mascara I am yet to try out, but if they both live up to their hype, then hopefully points well spent. 

Next on my list of products that I wanted to try / actually really needed, but probably do not really need in reality, is the Benefit Boi-ing concealer. Again, this has been a product that has been splashed around social media lately with the launch of their new design packaging, but it is also a product that I wanted to try out. Is it really industrial strength? 

Did I really just spend £12 worth of points on a pair of travel tweezers? The answer to my question is yes, yes I did just spend £12. After years of seeing Tweezerman tweezers and them kinda being on my wish list, I finally picked up the travel size in pink. Okay, I mainly picked them up because they are pink and pink is just the best, okay. 

Finally, going against the concept of buying things that I wouldn't normally buy but wanted as a treat to myself, are two products that I love and adore. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish has been a favourite and a MUST now for a few years. I mainly picked up a new bottle as a back up for Canada, and the same goes with the Origins Ginzing eye cream, as I positively sure I will be still be using both in a months time. 

Love Alicia x 

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