Friday, 4 August 2017


When did August happen? And where has 2017 gone! Well August you have certainly made an apparence, probably just not with the weather that one would associate with summer and August as a whole. Here are a few things that I really need to do in August:

HAVE A WARDROBE CLEAR OUT | Now this one is on the monthly to do list every month, but honestly I actually have to have a wardrobe clear out in August, considering I move to Canada at the end of the month. That means digging out winter clothes and trying to create a capsule wardrobe that has every thing from summer clothes to -20 degrees clothes. Oh dear, please send help my way. 

YOGA | Lately I have been really enjoying Yoga in my living room. Blogilates recently uploaded a video with her sister on Youtube and ever since I have been enjoying 10 - 15 minutes of yoga a few days a week. However, in August I want to get up 10 or 15 minutes earlier and start my day by trying to follow a yoga YouTube video do start the day off. 

CREATE A BUDEGT | Okay, I may have already started this one in July but I need to put it into practice and start keeping up with what I am spending, saving up for and what I need to pay (hello Canadian health insurance that I actually need to pay. Oh and travel insurance). 

Whats on your August to-do list? 

Love Alicia x 
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