Friday, 30 June 2017


June always seems to be the busy month. Whether it was a few years ago doing GCSEs or A-levels, or the month when the family holiday occurs. June just seems to be a busy month. 

June this year was a busy one. Mainly because I haven't really had a day off of work, except from when I went on holiday; but hey, I'm not complaining as i'm looking forward to pay day. Instead of sharing my June monthly favourites, because they can be kinda boring,  i'm bringing around my June highlights. 

First things first, on the first of June, I went to the Suffolk Show. The unusual thing this year, is that 1) it wasn't cold, 2) it wasn't raining, and 3) I didn't eat any cheese in the food tent. Like what happened to me, I used to get all the free cheese and this year I didn't have one bit. Okay, that was because I was on antibiotics and wasn't allowed dairy, but it is still kinda weird.  On the other hand, I found the Churros van at 10:30 in the morning; ordered a regular portion and got given the large size. Not that i'm complaining because they were just lush. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. They were just great. The show itself was pretty good as well. I mean there was this areoboics horse riding stunt team who do the stunts for Poldark, and oh my they were outstanding. Like wow! 

I don't think I could do a monthly round up, without mentioning a lipstick or two. Fabby and Fanfare were brought at Palma Airport, Majorca. They will probably be my summer lipsticks. You will probably hear about them again, but just look at them. Give me all the MAC lipsticks, please. 

Talking about Majorca, the family holiday of choice this year was Can Picafort in Majorca. I have actually already wrote a post about the trip, which if you want you can read it here. Sadly, there are no window shots out of the plane as I decided to sit on the isle seat and therefore my view was pretty crap, but I did see Jersey out of the plane and some mountains. 

On the subject of Majorca, my new favourite drinks are Mojitos and Tequila Canon. Would probably prefer to be drinking them round the pool, and not in cloudy old England, but hey ho I will live.  I also kinda miss swimming everyday in a pool which wasn't actually cold. Like yes I know, this is a rare thing. 

On another note, the Pretty Little Liars final was kinda a disappointment and I was hoping for something else. Oh well, time to move on to the next TV programme that I can binge watch instead of doing something practical. 

Also, as this post goes live, there is one thing that will clearly be a massive highlight of June and probably of the whole of 2017; i'm in the pit for Justin Bieber in Cardiff. I will probably cry during Life is Worth Living and smile like a freak, but hey it's my last weekend of being a teenager and i'm spending watching the person I have supported since before I was a teenager. 

Love Alicia x 

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