Sunday, 16 April 2017


I have some very exciting news! Well exciting for me anyway!

Now, if you are following me on Instagram or on Twitter then you will probably know what the exciting thing is that is happening. If you don't, then you have probably guessed it's something to do with travelling or getting on a plane. Then you guess is nearly correct. 

*Drum Roll* *Drum Roll* *Drum Roll* 

I'm going to study in Canada for a year!

Yes, I'm off on the 27th August to study in Ontario, Canada, for an entire year. My flights have been booked. My pre hotel before going to the university is booked. My accommodation (or they like to call it 'housing') deposit has been paid. My study permit payed and approved. It's all getting very real. 

I may not be going to my first choice university in Canada for my study abroad year, but i'm going to my second choice and honestly I couldn't be happier. I may be slightly terrified, but I'm also super excited about this chapter in my life. Going to live in another country and experiencing a new culture is going to be an amazing experience. Expensive, but I know it's going to be a great experience. 

Stayed tuned for Canadian content and Study Abroad content, because there is probably going to be a lot of it!

Love Alicia x

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Thursday, 13 April 2017


Can you believe that it is actually Easter Bank Holiday weekend already? 

I mean, it only feels like yesterday when it was Christmas and my car said -1.5 one Thursday in January all day and now we are in 'Spring'! Like that has flown by. Maybe that is because I have had a tone of deadlines and other exciting stuff going on. 

For me, the change of season means new accessories. 

I'm not one for loads of accessories or jewellery, but I do love rings. Rings for me make me feel more put together. Maybe it's in my head, but it makes me feel a bit more dressy when i'm just wearing a tee and jeans. 

The newest ones to my collection come from The Jewellery Box* and they are the perfect dainty rings for spring. 

Love Alicia x

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Do you ever compare your Instagram to other peoples? Like, their feed is so perfect and yours is like naw, seriously not happening. 

I remember when I first got Instagram back in 2011 (which has since been deleted), and there wasn't a thing for themes and everything having to be perfect. The only reason I got Instagram was because of Justin Bieber and some of his strange filters he would stick on his photos. I followed fan accounts, and not slick blogger accounts, like I do today. I kinda liked it back in 2011. Yes I was posting fan photos, and not make up or an outfit post (which yes I still suck out, so mirror selfies it is for an outfit, like I don't have an Instagram husband or someone who is willing to take photos of my outfits when I can actually be bothered). 

I suck at Instagram. 

Yes, in the last few months I feel like I have kinda improved. I now know how to use tags (I think, but who knows), and good lighting and clearer photos get you more likes, and somehow I have gone from 930 followers at the beginning of the year to 1170. Yes, I know that number is still small compared to others, but after being suck on 930 for a good 3 years, I kid you not, it feels kinda good to have an increase in followers. 

I also suck at Instagram because my Insta has no theme. 

This whole theme thing though. I mean I have tried and failed. Like I had a good New York spell, a pretty holiday vibe last year, and I had some green and pink sort of theme running but yeah I get bored. Themes are so tight. Maybe I want to post a photo from a concert where it is black, and that doesn't go with some light white theme, because who cares if it doesn't go or doesn't look perfect all the time. I like to be different. 

In some peoples eyes, because I don't have a 'theme', I suck at Instagram. Well maybe that is try, but sometimes themes can be boring. 

I can't stand following accounts that have this flat lay of makeup on a white background since 2014. Like please stop, it's boring. I personally prefer accounts that are more interesting and captions that are actually interesting. Yes, I know I suck at that as well, but i'm trying to improve; I promise. 

Yes I probably do suck at Instagram, but at the end of the day I quite like how my Instagram looks. It may not be perfect, nor do I get hundreds of likes or thousands of followers, but I'm quite proud of how my Instagram looks at the moment, even if I do spend too long on it everyday, but who really cares. 

If you are however interested in my Instagram, you can find it here!

Love Alicia x
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Saturday, 1 April 2017


Is it me, or has it actually felt like Spring lately? 

March has been a month were some of it has felt freezing, yet other days feel like Spring is finally upon us, but then I suppose that is March for you. 

For me, March has been a somewhat busy month. I finished university for the Easter Break, booked a holiday, booked flights for something special that if you follow me on Instagram you probably know about, and seemed to have worked most of the month. 


1. Derby Day - 11th March 

Derby Day (i.e the day where it's Essex Uni Vs. UEA) was at UEA this year, and as a member of the Lacrosse Club for Essex, I went a played. We may have lost, but the weather was great, the atmosphere was great and overall it was a amazing day. 

2.  Getting emotional watching Beauty and the Beat - 19th March

As my favourite Disney film, one can say I was quite excited about the live action version. I personally loved the film and it was quite emotional as well. I won't give much away in case you haven't seen it yet, but honestly it's amazing. 

3. So many Deadlines 

Why do all the deadlines come in the same week, like can't they spread them out a bit. I feel like March was the month that I was constantly working on an essay, an assignment or revising for the end of semester test. I'm actually quite grateful for the Easter break, although I do have 3 more essays due by the time I go back. 

4. Mother's Day Meal Out - 26th March 

This was the first Mother's Day since 2014 where I haven't been working, so we all went out for a carvery. I also had cheesecake, and cheesecake makes me very happy. 

5. I'm going to Canada to study 

My place has been confirmed, and my flight is booked, Visa has been applied for and it is all starting to get real. There will be a post up in the near future, all about this. 

March Favourites 

Now on to the thing that you have probably came here for, MARCH FAVOURITES time!!! 

MAC 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick 
I kinda forget that I even owned Velvet Teddy, it hasn't been a lipstick that I have reached for in the last couple of months, but in March I just couldn't get enough of the nude lip. Velvet Teddy has always been a favourite, but I do prefer pink lipsticks, but Velvet Teddy is an exception. 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Film Star Bronze & Glow' 
Yes i'm talking about it again, but I have been wearing it every single day, well the bronzer that is. The bronzer is amazing, like if you haven't read about the hype about this product then where have you been, and yes it does live up to the hype. The highlighter is equally as good; natural and not glittery, which is exactly what you want for an everyday look. However, I do still tend to reach for Becca Champagne Pop, but I do love the CT highlighter as well. 

Liz Earle 'Cleanse & Polish' 
IT'S FINALLY BACK IN MY LIFE!! I haven't used Cleanse and Polish for about 8 months now, and the other day when I saw it in boots and my skin had been playing up, I just knew I needed it again. And what a surprise, my skin has cleared up, except one annoying spot but I know the reason for that (TMI). 

Ed Sheeran 'Divide' 
This album though. Like literally it has been the only thing I have played in March in my car. I love it and I wished I had tickets to see Ed, but they all sold out and they were rather expensive and I have other things I could spend £90 on. Anyway, Galway Girl, Perfect, Nancy Mulligan, Barcelona and What Do I Know are my faves. 

Banana & Nutella Porridge 
I'm not normally one to talk about food in monthly favourites, but this is special shoutout to my favourite breakfast; Porridge made with almond milk, with a banana and a handful of raspberries and nutella. YES YES YES. Now, i'm hungry. 

What have you been loving in March? 

Love Alicia x

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