Monday, 19 December 2016


Can you believe that it is less than a week till Christmas Day? Me neither! It only feels like yesterday then 2016 begun, but 2016 is nearing an end, and with Christmas approaching very quick, I have created a list of three luxury beauty gifts that any beauty obsessed girl would love. 

You really can not go wrong with a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, whether you are buying for your Mum, best friend or Grandma, it just screams luxury and really is the perfect gift. I mean everything with the packaging to the formula of the lipstick it's self. Whether you have no idea what to get, or simply want to buy a little something extra, you know a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick will go down a treat. My personal favourite is 'Bond Girl'. 

For the girl who likes her eyeshadow then an Urban Decay palette is probably your best choice. For me, I personally love the Naked Smoky palette, as it really does have a bit of everything going on. From shimmers to mattes, to your dark purples and your light beige, there is something that you can where daily and something to wear for a night out (maybe NYE). 

Finally, the gift of perfume, and my chosen one is Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, there is something quite delightful. Although it is quite a sweet smelling perfume, there is something quite sexy about it at the same time. Perfect for this time of the year, as it really is quite 'warm' for the winter months.

Love Alicia x

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