Friday, 23 December 2016

2016 IN 10 MOMENTS

Why is it, the older you get the quicker the years go? 

I remember when I was in year 7 (holla 2008 & '09) and the year kinda just dragged by, and nothing really happened, but perhaps that was because I wasn't struck down with a *smart* phone, a laptop and any form of social media. Them days. 

2016 on the other hand, was kinda just this big blur of stuff, but actually quite a lot happened. 

1. Flying to the Big Apple with my mum. Now that is a highlight of 2016. I had wanted to go to NYC for as long as I could remember, and then back in June it finally happened. Four wonderful days in the city that never sleeps. Exploring Central park, eating the best cheesecake (and pulled pork burger - Check out Heartland Brewery for that one), seeing Broadway shows, seeing the city from above and going shopping on fifth. Could you ask for anything more. 

2. Having a thing for Afternoon Tea, whether thats mouth watering expensive, or chip as chips, both Afternoon Teas have been a delight. London you were amaze with that Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea, but Ipswich you were also a star with that massive homemade scone and generous slices of cake for over half the price of London. Now, i'm hungry again. 

3. Finishing my first year of university with a 2:1!!! Okay I probably would have liked a first, but hey I still have another two and a half years of university left. Yes, my first year wasn't as spectacular as I would have liked, but it was still an experience I will never forget. Oh them drunken fresher moments that I honestly can not remember, or the slightly shitter Summer Ball memories when no one was actually interested and I just wanted to get drunk and stay out later than half 1. Oh well. 

4. Finally owning my own car and driving around all over the place. I may have passed in 2015, but I didn't get my first little car till august. Well actually it wasn't my first car, but that it a whole other story. Anyway, I am now a proud owner of my little metallic sliver Corsa. 

5. When you are 19 you just don't have sleepovers like you do when you are 13, but this October me and my friends broke that tradition and actually had a sleepover. All 7 of us sleeping on the sofa and falling asleep at just gone midnight because lets face it we are all get quite old now. 

6. Going back to working at my old store. Yes I was actually exicted about going to work back at my old store. The people are so much nicer and friendly my first store in Clacton, and dont make me work every Sunday so I can't actually do anything with my weekends.  

7. Spending my 19th Birthday in Spain, in a hotel where no one could speak english and getting drunk on overly strong Barcadi and Coke. YAY to my last year as being a teenager. 

8. Watching my best friends sister get married. Yes, I know this is probably a strange one, but I had known the bride since I was three and it was such a beautiful wedding that honestly I couldn't exclude from the list. Plus, I hadn't actually been to a wedding in about 10 years. 

9. Finally getting involved in University life. No I don't mean the social going out at night thing, I mean joining a sports club. I joined Lacrosse back in October and honestly I am so glad I did. I have now played in three games and picked up a new sport that I actually enjoy. Plus the people are lovely. 

10. Could I really do this list without including the PURPOSE WORLD TOUR & JUSTIN BIEBER. Yes, I saw the Purpose Tour twice and both times were incredible. The first time on the 11th October I was 5 rows from the stage. Then the second time on the 28th November, my friend let me down and my parents had already payed from parking so they wanted to go in, so on the M25 I managed to get a pit ticket (i.e the front row) and it was the best £120 I have every payed. He touched my hand and sung to me during Hold Tight because ya girl was the only one singing along and wasn't holding a phone to his face. BEST NIGHTS EVER!!! 

That was actually harder than I had ever imagined. Like there was so many things I could have included. I mean 2016 wasn't exactly the best year of my life, but it was pretty good and I can't wait to see what 2017 holds. 

What has 2016 brought to you?

Love Alicia x

Please feel free to leave a comment! 

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