Wednesday, 28 September 2016


There is something very autumnal about sitting down with a good book, a hot drink (preferably hot chocolate, with all the trimmings, but a cup of tea will also do), being able to hear the rain and having lots and lots of layers around you. Right now I am thinking of the film 'The Holiday' and that cozy cottage in some snowy part of surrey. Yep, but anyway, I always feel that I read more in autumn, and here are my three favourite 'autumnish' books at the moment. 

Harry Potter 

No matter what Harry Potter book you read, whether that is 'The Philosopher's Stone' or 'The Prisoner of Azkaban' or 'The Deathly Hallows', there is something very autumnal about them. Whether that is because of the magic and the Halloween connotations or because you get transported into a new world and get completely lost in the story. Whether you have never read the books, or have, then I feel like autumn is the best time to start reading or rereading them. 

Dream a little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher 

Okay I actually read this book in summer and by the bright colours on the front cover it seems to be quite summary. However due to the dreams the main character is having and the one bit of the book being set in Autumn and christmas, and the book being very well written, it really does capture you. You want to be in the world with her, and you want to know what happens next. 

Looking for Alaska by John Green 

Probably slightly controversial that this is my favourite John Green book, and the book I read the quickest out of all his books I have read. There is something about the scene of the book that makes me feel that this is a book to read in autumn. Set in boarding school, where the main character is new, it really does reflect being a teenager and the struggles of joining a new school. The book makes you want to read more, and the fact the book is set in two halves 'days before' and 'days after' it almost reflects how events, and different places and situations in life are divided. 

What books will you be reading this autumn? 

Love Alicia x

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