Friday, 29 July 2016


Somehow it is the 29th July and the first 7 months of 2016 have gone hella fast, like really fast. That means that it is also July favourites time, and I have been loving quite a few things this month.

At the very beginning of July, I jetted off to Spain with my family. I have already done a post all about the area where I stayed - Almeria - but that part of Spain is truly very Spanish but also very beautiful as well. Now if you like culture and the setting is very important to you, then the Costa Almeria is the place for you along the southern coast of Spain. However, if you are looking for clubs and spending hours around the pool then maybe this isn't the place. Yes, you will have to hire a car out to go and explore, but hey thats all part of the holiday.

Now I couldn't simply do this months July favourites without mentioning the palette that I have been using every day this month. You will already know what it is if you read my 'How Much is My Face Worth' post on Monday, but if you didn't it is the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom palette. Oh My this palette is beautiful. I have loved wearing 'smarty pants' with 'sweetheart' and 'firecracker'. Also, the pigmentation is beautiful and they just last for so long. Like after working in a hot shop, that eye makeup just didn't budge. Not one piece of smudging or creasing. Like you need it in your life. 

Now on to not 1 but 2 Benefit eyebrow products. The first is the Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil, which I love for getting a nice shape, although it is a touch to dark for my brows, so I do like to blend it in with a lighter powder. The second product is 'Ready, Set Brows', which has been my go to brow gel throughout July. That stuff keeps your eyebrow hairs in place. 

Before the 16th June 2016 I did not own a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, and them bad boys had been on my wishlist for a very long time. Just look at the them, they look so pretty. However, I did also pick this Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in 14 'Corail in Touch' up, and I have been loving it. I wore it basically every night on holiday and it really is that perfect summer lipstick. 

The last make up item of this months favourites has to be my Urban Decay travel size make up setting spray. Now thats a mouth full. This has helped my make up stay a lot this month, you know with that mini heat wave England had last week. Yep, my foundation didn't move. Yes I may have got a bit oily but I am yet to find a setting spray or primer that locks out all the oil that my face likes to produce on a daily basis. 

I always feel really awkward about this category, because I never know what to call it. Anyway lets move away from that little mind poop and onto some other bits and bobs. 

If you knew me about three years ago you would have know how much I loved the Victoria's Secret body sprays. Yes I was that obsessed I had about 10 at one time, although there is still 5 currently sitting on my bedside cabinet. Trust me I don't have problems anymore. However, this month I have begun to love them again thanks to the VS in New York having 2 for $10, like that is so cheap in comparison to the UK. Therefore I picked up my favourite scent which is 'Mango Temptation', although I swear it used to be pink and not orange. Anyway, the point of this ramble is that I love the smell of it and have loved spraying it in July. 

There are also two books making this months favourites. 

Yes Shock horror, I actually read a book quickly, and two at that. 

The first book is 'Me Before You', which I am sure you have all heard off now it has been made into a film. There was something that got me hooked on the book in the first couple of pages, that made me not want to put the book down. It is gripping, but that in a horror type of book way. You want to know what happens next, you want to see the characters grow and see their next adventure with in the story.

The second book is 'Dream a Little Dream' by Giovanna Fletcher. Now when I first started reading this book I wasn't too sure at all. I was a bit like 'Do I actually want to finish this', however once I had read 100 pages I couldn't put it down, so much so I had read from page 17 right through to page 400 and something (the end) in less than 12 hours. Thats why this book has made it into the favourites, because it does truly get your hooked. 

What have you been loving in July?

Love Alicia x
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Monday, 25 July 2016


It's been a while since I shared my daily make up, so I thought it would be a good idea to actually work out how much my face is worth once it is plonked on to my face every morning. Okay, that is a slight lie about every morning, because I do tend to change around some things and some days like today I am having a complete make up free day. 

Okay, so lets see the shock at how much I have spent on this current make up! 

Face and Base

The chosen foundation of choice is the L'oreal Paris Infallible 24H foundation which currently comes in at £9.99. Now I have gone through a bit of a love/hate relationship with this foundation, and at the moment i'm just not loving it and I have actually changed it, since yesterday. 

Now i'm not going to bore you with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, because if you have read my blog before you would have probably have seen this product on many occasions. £4.19, but because I use two different shades it actually comes in at £8.38.

Time for blusher, and this is a new blusher to my collection; Nars 'Orgasm'. Now because I brought this while in New York City, I actually brought it for $30, but as i'm calculating this in pounds it actually works out to be £23

Next up is a product which I have literally used every day since purchasing it (yes in Sephora in NYC) is the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'That Glow' Glow Kit which I purchased for $40 but it is actually £39 on Beauty Bay.

Currently: £80.37 
To think that actually isn't a lot of products and its already quite expensive. I mean it could have been a lot worse as half the products are 'drugstore' i.e Boots, and half are high end. So when thinking about it that way, its not out of this world expensive. 

Eyes and Brows 

Let's start with the brows, and i'm kicking of this section with my Bobbi Brown powder in Sable which comes in at £17.50. As it is a powder and I have been using this product every day for over a year now, this is worth the money and it perfectly matches my eyebrows although it is an eyeshadow. However, I do think you can buy it in the brow kit. 

On to Benefit. Now this is actually a sample but I am going to class it as full size because I am intending to buy it on pay day. The said product is Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! which comes in at £18.50. Now I love setting my brows with this gel, and damn it sets them. In the past with other brow gels after a couple of hours of wear I have movement in the brows which is just not a good look, but with this product they stay, they ACTUALLY STAY!!!

Next up is probably my favourite palette at the moment, which is the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette, and wow do I like this product. Now its not just about how gorgeous the colours are, but its also about the staying power. I was at work for just over 6 hours, in a shop with no air con on probably one of the hottest days this year, and that shadow did not move. Like it literally stayed there, and thats with no primer on. So yeah I love this palette. This palette is $45, converted at £34 (thanks to the crappy exchange rate, luckily I brought this the weekend before the EU referendum and it was cheaper). 

Last but not least is my trusty L'oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara which is £7.99.

For 'Eyes & Brows', the cost is: £77.99

And the last thing, 

Is my Urban Decay setting spray which I did also buy from Sephora, but for the travel size 'All Nighter' it is £9.00. 


I have not calculated my Lips because I change that every single day. So soz for that. 

The FINAL Cost:
You know what I honestly don't think that is too bad. Now I know that would be a lot less if I had used all drug store products, and a lot higher if I had used more products from high end brands. However, this is my simple go to make up which is just the perfect every day natural make up, and that doesn't have to be fancy. 

How much is your face worth?

Love Alicia x
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Thursday, 21 July 2016


It finally feels like summer in England, at long last, and the summer holidays are officially here and now. YAY!!!!

Over the last month, I have been on two trips abroad, and I haven't learnt that there are a few things that will be, and will always be, in my bag, wherever I am going or jetting off to. 

1. Portable Phone Charger.
Oh my, I can not tell how much my portable charger has saved my life on a couple of occasions. Now, we all know just how shit iPhone batteries are, and when you have been using your phone all day and about to get on a night flight now, this little baby is your savourer. I'm not even joking. You can also pick them up quite cheap these days as well. My one lasts for about two full charges, and that can really make the difference. 

2. Factor 50 Sun Cream.
I may want to get a tan, and I know you can't get a great tan with factor 50, but I am all about protection and also faking a tan. As someone who has quite a few moles on her neck, and likes to protect her face as well, factor 50 is your best friend. I brought the travel size boots one, and it doesn't break me out. So I am loving that. 

3. La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray 
This is bae. What I love about this product is that you can just chuck it in your bag, and then when you are feeling really hot, sweaty and your face is feeling all oily, then you can get this spray out and sports your face. Now, me being me, didn't know it now comes in travel size, took the big bottle away with me, but I know for the future. 

4. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Poured Creme
I picked up this highlighter by mistake while in New York, because I wanted the powder and ended up picking this one instead. However, if you want that 'natural' glow and you are wearing no make up, then pop this on your check bones and you look like you have be sun blessed for weeks, and not like you have got off a plane 12 hours ago and haven't yet stepped into the sun. Plus because its not a powder, it doesn't look obvious either. Win, Win. 

5. A Good Old Book. 
Seriously who can go on a 'beach' holiday and not read a good old fashion paper back book? Now, I am not talking about reading off that Kindle or off your phone. I'm talking about buying a book before hand and having a good old read, the old fashioned way. While in Spain, I managed to read 'Me Before You' and 'Dream a Little Dream', and I loved them. Not just because they were good books, but its nice to take a break from technology and social media and just take in the book and that fact that you are on holiday. 

6. Camera. 
For the days you want to explore and not sit around the pool all day. Even if you are just chilling by the pool, you maybe in a part of the world where the scenario is beautiful and you just want to capture it. Plus, you never know what you are going to see or do. 

7. Carmex Lip Balm
On planes my lips dry out so easily, and this little lip balm is a life saver. Also, it has SPF 15 so perfect for protecting your lips where ever you are around the world.

8. Garnier Ambre Solaire Sun Tan Maintainer 
Now getting burnt is bad, and we all know that, but even if you don't get burnt you should still get some moisture back into your skin. I don't know about you, but after a long day out and about or just relaxing by the pool my skin feels so dry. Normally, I just take a Soap&Glory moisturiser with me, however this year I thought I would pick up an After Sun from Garnier and I just love it. It also helps that it smells nice as well.

9. Tangle Teezer
Because who can be bothered to take out a full blown hair brush, when you just want to take out your purse and camera?

What are your holiday essentials, or just summer essentials, that you carry around with you? 

Love Alicia x
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Monday, 11 July 2016


One thing I love more than anything is exploring new places, especially seeing new places around the world. Holidays for me are not just sitting around the pool or laying on the Beach, although sitting around the pool with a Pina Colada and a good book is extremely nice. I love the thrill of exploring, honestly I would do it all the time if I had the money and the time. 

This time last week I was in Aquadolce on the Costa Almeria, a very Spanish small town on the coast, halfway between the busy tourist areas of Malaga and Benidorm. Well actually slightly closer to the Costa Del Sol. In an isolated hotel, full of Spanish families, in the middle of the mountains, it was as far away from your typical family holiday to Spain that we all know and love. It is truly Spanish, in every sense of the word. From Flamenco dancing one evening, to Paella at lunchtime, and everyone being only able to speak Spanish. We were literally one of three English family in the hotel, but there was something special and exciting about that. 

📍Aquadolce, Spain.
Set between Roquetas De Mar and Almeria, this small town is full of scenery. Admittedly, the hotel was not in the heart of the town, it was on the coastal road between the two towns. It was just there amongst the mountains. People were diving into the sea from the cliffs edges, you could go for a swim in the not so still Med, or just sit around the pool and enjoy the views. 

📍Diverhotel, Aquadolce. Spain. 

📍La Alhambra, Grenada. 
If you are looking for breath taking views of Grenada and the Sierra Nevada, then the Alhambra is for you. The old Morrish palace and fort, is full of spectacular sights, history and gardens. However, they have time slots, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This does mean that you will have to wait around for your slot. Are slot was 2pm, although we were there an hour and a half before hand. However, it is worth it for the sights. Although it can be painful doing a lot of walking around the fort  in the heat in nearly 40 degrees. 

📍Oasys Mini Hollywood, Tabernas. 
The old spaghetti western filmset is truly fascinating; you feel like you have been taken back in time to the 1800's and somewhere in Mexico or America. The film set for 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly', as well as a Zoo is simply a great day out. The film set itself has a Western style show on and a Can Can Show on during the day. 

To check out more photos of my trip to Spain, you can check them out on my Instagram!

Love Alicia x
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Friday, 8 July 2016


How the hell are we over half way through the year already? This is like crazy, that I am now writing my June Favourites already, although it feels more like March out there with that rain this morning. Crazy. 

June has been a kinda crazy month. From finishing my first year of University, to Summer Ball and going to New York City. It truly has been a month of favourites, and thats why I simply can't miss this favourites. 

Them beauty things... 
When thinking out products I have been loving this month, there is honestly not that many products that are new or have found a way back to my heart. However, three products do stand out for me this month. The first being Dove 'DermaSpa Gradual Tanner' in the medium to dark colour. All I can say for this product is 'WOW'. Now as a fan of the Bondi Sands gradual tanner, I didn't really know if I was going to like this product or not, but I actually really do. For the price it is as well, it really does work without you looking cakey, stretchy and patchy. Like no one wants that hassle in their life. It also doesn't make you go orange either. All I would say is make sure you exfoliate before applying this, or you will get a different result. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills. Thats all I have got to say. I have fallen head over heels in love with the brand. The hype around the Glow Kits are real, but honestly so true. They are just incredible and I just cant stop wearing them. Also the liquid lipsticks are also a winner. Now I have heard some mixed reviews regarding the liquid lipsticks and yes I can see where they are coming from. Yes, they are not as long lasting compared to the Kat Von D ones, as they kinda disappear when you eat, but the shades are great. Mine is in Crush and on my I have been wearing this baby since coming back from New York. 

Lifes Necessities... 
I FINALLY have a new phone case, and its this pretty one my SkinnyDip. The ice creams just make my phone look all summary and the amount of people that have said how cute my phone case is ridiculous. I picked this one up from Topshop, but you can also get it online on the skinny dip website. 

Now I can write this post about my June Favourites and not include my most favourite thing of all time: NEW YORK CITY. Now I am not going to bore you too much, as I have already done like three posts on NYC, but it was honestly incredible! That city lived up to my expectations and beyond and I can guarantee that I will be back soon. 

Love Alicia x
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Monday, 4 July 2016


It has just hit me this time in a year, it will be my last ever day as a teenager and I don't really know how I feel about that. I mean like some of my friends are 20 in two months, and that scares the shit out of me. Can I just stay 18 and not turn 19 tomorrow please?

I feel like the whole '... things before I am ...' is something that I see a lot of people do, but I actually like the idea of it. I am all about having goals and working towards them goals, and it also gives you something to plan towards and then get super excited about them. So today I am going to share with you guys 20 things that I want to do in my last year of being a teenager, although I do have some personal ones as well but they are for me to know and no one else. Enjoy!

1. Get a car and have that independence of not having to rely on people/parents.

2. Talk to more people (shoutout to them 2016 goals)

3. Become physically fitter (+ join a sports society at uni)

4. Lighten up a bit more (I mean I have definitely have in some aspects of life)

5. Learnt to not care about what other people think

6. Book flights to Australia / stay with family in Australia

7. Be more adventurous with what I have for dinner (because rice and sweet potatoes are kinda getting boring right now)

8. Go on some random weird road trip

9. Get at least a 2:1 in second year of university

10. Trek America (well have at least booked it)

11. Do more photography

12. Go to Ireland (because man the guys accents are so fucking hot)

13. Go to Buckingham Palace (because you know they open the palace up for the summer)

14. Take part in more sports (i.e, dance/cheerleading)

15. Really focus on my blog photography and content 

16. Sign up to learn a language 

17. Have a least a day a month without using social media 

18. Read more books 

19. Learn how to save (Like I know how to save, I just need to save more money each month)

20. See a horror film (I may be truing 19 tomorrow but I have yet to see a horror film without falling asleep)

Love Alicia x 
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