Wednesday, 29 June 2016


As a first timer to New York just two weeks ago, of course I went to quite a few tourist attractions because if you have a city pass, it simply makes sense. 


Monday, 27 June 2016


Continuing in the theme of my 'New York' series posts, today I am posting my Sephora haul!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Monday, 20 June 2016


Today is SUMMER SOLSTICE, which if you didn't know basically means its the longest day of the year and this is when I believe Summer really starts. Well technically my summer started a month ago when university finished, but in my head summer is now here! YAY! *happy dances*

So what are you going to do this Summer?
I have compleded a list of 5 things you can do this summer to have a truly amazing summer, which happens to be filled with amazing memories. 

Go for day trip to the beach 
I am actually really lucky and live in a seaside, but I know I don't take much advantage of being by the sea. So even if you live a couple of hours away from the sea, just pick a nice day and go for a road trip with your friends or family, take a picnic, takes some games and have a jolly good time. Also, if you don't feel like a picnic go and get some fish and chips

Have a homemade garden party
Now if its raining you can just take it inside. Grab some friends or family, some great food (homemade or you can just get a takeaway), have a few drinks, decorate the garden a bit from some fancy Pinterest DIY, and make some memories. 

Have a summer 'clean'
I want to really say spring clean but wrong season. You could always have refresh of your wardrobe (eBay, depop, charity shop, friends etc), re design the garden, sort through your bedroom/house and just have a good old cleanse. Get rid of the stuff you don't use or don't like, and keep the stuff you use and love. Get rid of that clutter out of your life. 

Just get out doors
England may get rain, but when it is sunny get your butt outside. Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride and go and explore somewhere. You could go to a forest, or just walking around a little cute village and stop for some ice cream. 

Have a digital detox or any type of detox
Just put down that phone, laptop, computer, iPad or whatever gadget you have and take 24 hours off. Of course if you are working pick a day you aren't working or a day when you know you won't be driving. Pick up a book, go sit outsides, make a fancy meal or decorate the house. Get out of that comfort zone of technology. That also includes no watching TV or films, just get away from that screen.

Love Alicia x
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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Sometimes I just find it really fucking hard to create the opening sentence of a blog post, and this is about my 100th time (just kidding, its like my 8th time but who is counting) and I just wanted to get it right, because this is such an exciting post. Basically this time tomorrow I will be on my way to Gatwick Airport because I am going to NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I wanted to put the dancing emoji and the party one but I don't know how to do that) Now, you may already know this is you follow me on Instagram or twitter, as I have kinda been going on about it since booking it back in December.


Monday, 13 June 2016


I may not be a professional when it comes to dealing spots or acne, but I have had to deal with every single day since I was about 10 or 11, and over them 8/9 year I have come across a few things that have really helped to improve my skin. There are five things that really do stick out when helping to cure spots or redness. These 5 tips may not work for everyone, but for me they have helped my skin improve.

The first tip is to drink lots of water.  Since I have been drinking more water every day, my skin is a lot more hydrated and it makes me feel good as well. Now I am not saying that this will cure spots or make your skin improve over night, 

Tip number two is to change your pillow cases at least once a week. I actually like to change my pillow cases twice a week, but as long as you change your pillowcases at least once a week then it just stops you from sleeping on a pile of sweat, grossness and everything that just builds up. When it comes to your pillow cases just thing of the transfer of sweat from sleeping, any products in your hair and even any products on your face (like when you forget to take your make up off), it will just stay on your pillowcase until you change them. Then every night that will then transfer back on your face. Now thats not nice. 

TAKE YOUR MAKE UP OFF. Personally I believe that this is one of the most important things that you can do if you want to improve the appearance of your skin. It really doesn't take long to pick up your favourite cleanser and just take the whole days make up off your face before bed. I also like to tone my face as well, as that just gets an excess make up off your face, so your face is just nice and clean before going to sleep. 

Try to reduce the amount of dairy you are having. Now I have no idea if this is actually true or not, but since cutting out milk, cheese, butter and ice cream my skin has improved so much. This may not be correct, but because there are hormones in dairy, as a teenager you are putting more hormones into your body which in turn can create more spots. Now don't count me on that one, but I have read a lot about this on a number of different websites. 

The fifth and final tip for clearer looking skin, is to not touch your face. This is still something that I struggle with, but unless your hands are clean, every time you touch your face you are just transferring any dirt that may be on your hands onto your face. Just thinking about that just makes me not want to touch my face. 

Like I have already said these 5 tips work for me, they may not work for everyone, but over the last couple of years these five things have been stand out things in what works for my skin. Of course, when it comes to cleansers and a skin care routine, many that I have tried have either worked or failed. It is a bit of trail and error, but eventually you will find a routine and other things that just work for your skin. When I was around 14, the doctor gave me a roll on treatment for my spots and yes it worked for about 18 months, but then it stopped. I also have to mention that since I have been on the pill ( which is for the last two and a half years), my appearance of my skin has improved. I do still get the odd spots, but nothing like i used to. Consequently, I do still have some scars on my face. 

Do you have any tips that have worked for your, in terms of clearing up your skin?

Love Alicia x 
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Friday, 10 June 2016


I am an only child, and you know what I am perfectly fine with being an only child because at the age of 18 I couldn't imagine my life with a brother/s or sister/s, it would just feel weird. Out of all of my friends, I am the only when that is an only child as most of them are like one of three or something, and that did used to bother me that I didn't have anyone else at home except for my mum and dad. Being an only child is not that bad, trust me, because I really do love it. 

1. Just because we are only children, does not mean we are spoilt rotten. 
Yes I am spoilt but I have seen people who are not only children who are a lot more spoilt than me. Now I am talking about getting brought brand new cars, getting everything they want, not having to work because mummy and daddy will pay for it and so much more. I am spoilt, I know I was spoilt. I used to get things when I was younger all the time, but I was also spoilt with love from my parents as well. Nowadays, I am not spoilt. My parents only buy me things for Christmas and Birthday and I have to pay half towards my car, but that honestly doesn't bother me. 

2. Being an only child does not mean childhood is lonely and boring. 
Hey I had imaginary friends who I used to pretend to make dances with when I was like 7 and I had great fun. Also, I would spend a lot of time with friends, especially during primary school. I used to go dancing like three times a week, going to youth theatre and go horse riding. Therefore my childhood was not boring or lonely, and my parents made sure of that. 

3. Just because I am an only child, does not mean that I don't know how to share. 
Just don't touch my food, because food is precious, but you can borrow my colourful pretty pens if you want to. 

4. We don't make it a big deal that we are only children 
We don't go around announcing to the world that we are only children, it normally gets brought up when people ask you. Plus, we don't have to boast about what other siblings are doing or be compared to them. 

5. We can be highly sensitive, can crave attention and are parents are kinda over protective. 
Yes my parents are over protective but at the same time they can be clueless as its still a learning process for them, but aren't all parents a bit overprotective. Sensitivity can also effect us as well, but that isn't something that you can just label to every only child. And finally, we like the attention is small doses, but at the same time we also like are alone time as well. 

Love Alicia x
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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


At the age of nearly 19, I have decided that this Summer I want to go out of my comfort zone and not sit on my arse all summer long until I head back to University in October. Therefore, I have created a list of things I want to do (well try to do) this summer.

1. Read More
I mentioned in my 2016 Goals that I wanted to read more books, well we are half way through and I have read 2 books. This summer I am going to read more, starting with finishing the final two books of Harry Potter and then moving on to some other books that I have yet to decide upon.

2. Run
The last time I did any running was probably in my Year 7 sports day, because apparently if you had long legs you must be good at running. Well I actually want to start running again, and hopefully I will be able to run 5K by the end of August. Wish me luck!

3. Explore some new places
I am not travelling the world here, but if I had the chance and the money then I wouldn't say no. I want to visit some places in England that I have just never been to before that may be half way across England or maybe 5 minutes up the road.

4. Bake, Bake, Bake
Since starting university I have baked about three things and all of which were around Christmas time. Oh I baked some cupcakes at Easter as well, so about four things. I want to jump out of my baking comfort zone and create some new food, or just use others recipes.

5. Exercise at least 3 times a week
I am actually pretty good at this one already, but I really want to keep it up throughout the summer. Lets face it, i'm probably not going to set foot into the gym, but Youtube is always great. I mentioned some of my favourites in my March favourites, and trust me they get you sweating like a pig and you can see some changes. 

In my head, I had imagined a really long and detailed list of things that I wanted to do this summer, but five things sounds like a good number. I don't want to overload myself of things that I want to do this summer because otherwise I will do known of them and feel like I have wasted this summer. Also, the list isn't mega long with super expensive things like travel the world, because 1) I can't afford that, 2) I have to work and 3) travelling is for next year because year abroad! I have also decided that at the end of September I am going to review this post, which will make me more likely to actually do all these things. 

Love Alicia x
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Monday, 6 June 2016


I really want my second part of 'My Go To Lipsticks' to be different, and show a different range of brands compared to the first part, but in reality I am still loving MAC and L'oreal Lipsticks. However, L'oreal has yet to make it into my top 3, in terms of go-to lipsticks over the last couple of months. I decided that the time frame for this post was going to be three months because I really don't change my lipsticks up as much as I actually think, but now I am just rambling and need to get to the point of this post. Enjoy!

You already now about this one if, 
You read my May Favourites and saw my raving about my favourite MAC lipsticks at this point in time, but if you haven't go and check it out here! (Shameless plug) So yes, you may have guessed that it is MAC Mehr. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about this lipsticks as you have probably heard about this lipsticks about 100 times on my blog, (well actually about three times before, but who is counting) and the photos seem to do it justice.

Next up is one from NYX,
And its one of their Soft Matte Lip Creams in Milan. Now I haven't been a massive fan of this one, because of how quickly it does fade and just go to nothing as soon as you drink or eat anything. However, if you apply it about two to three hours before you eat or drink it does actually last in terms of staying on your lips. I don't really mind that I do have to reapply this lip cream quite a few times throughout the day, because I am loving the colour and makes me feel all summary and like I am on holiday somewhere exotic. The only think I would say is that it is a lot pinker on the lips, than what it looks like in the tube, but luckily I like the colour. 

I thought I would keep it to three. 
The third and finally lipstick that I have been loving and been a complete go to is Charlotte Tilbury 'Amazing Grace'. I really don't need to say much, because if you already own a CT lipstick then you know how amazing they are. I just love her lipsticks, and I really want to glow my collection from 2. Hey mother if you are reading this, my birthday is in a month *hint* *hint*. I did do a post of this gorgeous lipstick, which you can check out here!

Love Alicia x
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Friday, 3 June 2016


When you really want a creative title, and then realise the whole point of this post is to be '50 Blog Post Ideas' and then you struggle to get anything creative out of that one without going off topic. So, if you haven't guessed it already I have created a list of 50 ideas to get your brain into action to start writing some more blog posts, because we all no what it is like when bloggers block happens and you have no idea what to write. Trust me it happens to us all. Maybe some of these ideas will help you out.


Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Hello June and the end of my first year of University! Well technically my uni accommodation contract runs out in like 3 and half weeks, but I have no university work left until October, and I honestly can not believe it. From now on until probably the near future I have decided that my posting schedule will change. I will now be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am, and will have the odd post on a Sunday which will go live at 4pm, but for now lets get onto the topic of this post: FAVOURITES! In May I also discovered some old loves and a few new products, so I thought I would share them with you!

If you have been reading my blog now for a while you would know that I really like The Body Shop Tea Tree range, and at the moment one of my favourite products from that line is the toner. I have been using this toner on and off probably for about 7 months, but it has only been in the last 7 to 8 weeks that I have been using this product every single day. After cleansing my skin, I like to use the toner just to get rid of any of bit of make up or dirt on my skin to really make sure that it is clean. Personally, I believe that this has helped my skin. My skin looks a lot clearer and some of the redness on my checks has disappeared. Now I don't know if this is totally down to this product, or because I have been drinking around 1 and a half litres of water a day and basically cut of dairy products, but who knows. 

While on the topic of skincare, the cleanser of choice during May has been the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, which I loved so much at the end of last year but then I got the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and just stopped using my Liz Earle one. This is probably one of my favourite cleansers and I know it doesn't break me out, which probably means I won't try anything else. I love how this cleanser makes my face feel: it feels so clean and fresh. Normally I will only use this cleanser before bed, but if I haven't used it the night before then I will use it in the morning. 

May has definitely been the month for skin care favourites, as I still have more. Next up is the Olay Double Action Day Cream & Primer. I think I brought this back in September and really didn't like it so just stopped using it, but after realising that my face felt quite dry I thought I would give it another go and I like it this time around. The best time to use this product is straight after you have cleansed and toned your face, and then really work it in. I tend to leave it about 15 to 30 minutes after until I apply any make up, just to make sure it has probably sunk into my skin.

This may just be a repeat of my March favourites, but after not using fake tan during the month of April and now I am using fake tan again, I have been loving the Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk. As long as you exfoliate your body before hand, then this gradual tan does not go streaky or patchy. It's quick and super easy to use, and I actually saw a difference in colour after the second day of applying this gradual tanner. 

Make Up... 
The L'Oreal Superliner in black has been near enough an every day item this month, after about two months of not wearing any eyeliner what so ever. I believe this eyeliner was included in a favourites at the end of last year maybe and i'm still really loving it. One of the best things about it, is that it is so easy to apply and I'm shit at applying eyeliner so it really is good.

Lipstick wise, MAC Mehr has been a dream to wear this month. I have literally been wearing this lipstick every single day, and may like it a bit more than Velvet Teddy. It's just this really easy go to lipstick, that is pink, but that a bright pink. As you can tell I am awful at describing lipsticks, but MACs website describes it as a 'dirty blue pink'. I would say that it has more purple undertones compared to blue, but thats my opinion. While we are talking about MAC, I really don't like their new website. 

I was going to do a 'food' sub heading but I only really have one food favourite and that is porridge. If you have read 'HOW TO EAT HEALTHY AT UNIVERSITY' then you would have already come across this recipe, and would have seen how I make porridge. This just feels me up way past lunch time which is perfect for when I am revising or going to work. At the moment my favourite topping is apple and raisins with a bit of peanut butter. Another food related favourite has been one of my go to meals throughout May, and quite a bit during April as well and that is a Rice Bowl with Fish. It's something super easy and also full of vegetables as well. I tend to add sweetcorn, mushrooms, onions, green beans, spinach and scrambled egg, which I tend top with either salmon or haddock.

Now the next favourite kinda doesn't go into any of these categories but I thought I would just put it into the 'Lifestyle' section anyway, because it kinda well is. It is the Next diffuser in Apricot Blossom. Man I love this smell. I have one in my bedroom at home and one in the room at university. The thing I love the most about it is that you don't get the smell all the time but you will just get whiffs of it, but it makes your room smell nice all the time. The small bottle is only £6 as well and does last about 6 weeks which I think is pretty good value for money.

I don't really know if this is classed as a favourite or not, but I am officially no longer a fresher, which means my first year of university is officially over. Well actually Summer Ball is on Saturday and then it is officially over. So I am going to class University as a favourite overall, as I have met some great people, learnt new things and also had a pretty good time. There has been some negatives as well, but I think I am going to do a post all about my first year at university, so make sure you look out for that one coming in the next couple of months.

Love Alicia x 
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