Monday, 2 May 2016

Here are a few of my Favourite Things

The whole '...(insert number here) facts about me' is something that seems to be a big thing in the blogging world, and although I have done one of these myself, I kinda wanted to do something different. So in the words of the Sound of Music here are a few of my favourite things, as the whole monthly favourite is quite big in terms of beauty and fashion, but no one really talks about other things. Instead of doing an April favourites, I thought I would just do a round up of some of my favourite things. 

Favourite Film?
Footloose, The Holiday, all of the James Bond films (like I just really like them all, but thats probably because I've grown up with my dad watching them), Love Rosie (that film seriously makes me cry like every time I watch it) and there are probably more but I can't think of any. 

Favourite Song?
U Smile by Justin Bieber, Act my Age by One Direction, The Heart Never Lies by Mcfly, Star Girl by Mcfly, Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy. I could just listen to all these songs on repeat, all day. 

Favourite Book?
The Great Gatsby is a book that I could read over and over and over again. In terms of what I have read recently it is probably the Harry Potter series. Normally, my favourite books will change from month to month. 

Favourite TV series?
Gossip Girl, Prison Break, Downton Abbey, Friends. Does The Night Manager count as a series? 

Favourite Place I Have Been?
Italy. It is just the history and everything about it. I have been to Venice now twice and I could easily go book more times. I think its a bit like all places, every time you go you will find something new. 

Favourite Concert?
My all time favourite concert has to be Justin Bieber My World at the O2 in London, because it was my first time seeing Justin live and it was my first proper concert. However, I did really love McBusted because it was just childhood and it went so quick. Like some concerts you go to can drag a bit. 

Favourite West End Show?
After a long time thinking about this one it is probably a three way tie between Chicago, Rock of Ages and Hairspray, but I just love musicals and shows. I love going to the theatre, I love seeing  West End shows. There is something that is just so fantastic about them. The only show that I haven't been to keen on was Top Hat, although the dancing was incredible, I just felt it was a bit slow. 

Favourite Food? 
For the past year and a half I have been having a Apple with Peanut Butter everyday, but in terms of a main meal probably Peri Peri Chicken with rice or sometimes pasta. I also love fish. Oh and Salmon salad, and onion rings. 

Favourite Drink?
Well in terms of soft drinks I only drink Water and Green Tea, but saying that if I go out for lunch or dinner and they have cloudy lemonade or apple and elderflower I find it really hard to choose between the two. If I had to choose an alcoholic drink I would either say Rose, or Vodka and Lemonade (I know, so classy) 

Favourite Shop?
Jack Wills, Topshop (in terms of their jeans) and Zara. At the moment River Island just seems to be on point. 

Favourite Youtubers at the moment?
The youtubers that I have always watched are Fleur De Force, Tanya Burr and Lily Pebbles because they were the first youtubers that I did watch, and I still enjoy watching their videos today. In terms of more recent favourites I like Emily Canham, Fashion Mumblr, Jim Chapmans Vlogging channel, the SacconeJolys, IntheFrow and Freddy my Love.  

Favourite Bloggers at the moment?
Hannah Gale (but always have been a fan of that blog), Pam Scalfi (really good fashion posts), Milkyte4 (love her beauty posts), Erin Charlotte (some amazing lifestyle posts) and Very Berry Cosmo (lovely blog).

Love Alicia x
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