Friday, 6 May 2016

5 Things I Miss About High School

I still remember the first time I stepped into my High School like it was yesterday. At that point in time I had just started year 6, and all of us who were hoping to go to said High School were invited to an induction type evening, and I remember at the time sitting in a Maths room, which is now a history  room, and having a talk by some important people, while all the parents were in the hall. It's weird how you remember certain parts of life, but that one moment still sticks out. No matter how many times you hear other people say 'I hate school', there will come a time where you slightly miss things. Now i'm not talking about the academic side, i'm talking more about the social side of school and the memories that you will look back on and smile.

Random lunchtimes. 
I'm sure we have all been there where we can remember certain lunch times or breaks where something has happened which makes you laugh. Even while writing this I can feel myself wanting to laugh, although what I am thinking about happened in year 8. It is kinda a private joke, but 'stand up for yourself', some of us talk that literally. 

Being carefree. 
Okay so this one only applies to year 7 and year 8. Let's face it, at that age we had nothing to worry about. No exams. No coursework. No deadlines. No stressy teachers asking you 'why aren't you revising' every second of the day. Yes, you had homework which looking back was easy peasy stuff, but at the time we were generally worried about doing. Although this doesn't relate to homework as such, but once my maths teacher in year 7 gave me a lunchtime detention for forgetting my calculator because by the time we would get to year 11 and sit are maths GCSE paper we would have to remember a calculator. Turns out that we were actually given calculators at GCSE and they still handed them out to A-level students.

Year 9 Drama (Year 10 as we are in polo shirts instead of Blazers) , when we played a game around the school which ended up with us all planking on the Bridge over Clouds (The Cafe/Dinning Room). During the game we also had to pretend to be penguins and range of other stuff and have stickers on are blazers  tops that said something on the lines of we have permission by our teachers blah blah blah. 

The massive social gathering at lunch. 
Back to lunch time I go. Throughout most of high school and into sixth form, are group has been pretty big and we have had people come and go throughout the 7 years. I would say that maybe 6 or 7 or us are the originals from year 7. But that isn't something that you get at university, not say 13 to 15 people all sitting around one table. However, that did use to bring arguments and a lot of tensions, but it is still nice to meet now because you don't have any of that anymore.

Yes I know this is kinda a weird one, but if you are at university you will probably understand me. At school, no matter what year you are in or what you are studying, you can basically go and see a teacher whenever you like throughout the day and they will help you; whether that is one to one, over email or in a group. At university, that informal behaviour just doesn't happen. If you want help you either have to email in a formal manner, and they may just tell you to read this chapter in so and so book, or you have to go to the lectures office hours. I think at school, we kinda don't appreciate the help that is offered to us. 

Unless you go to a private school, then school is completely free (well except for school uniform, but in Sixth form you no longer have a uniform). The minute you leave high school or sixth form, you have to start paying for your education, which may not be a massive thing, but I am currently sitting here writing this with no lectures or classes this term and basically paying £3000 (1/3 of the years tuition fees) on nothing. At least when you finish your exams say in May or June in High School, you don't have to pay for the rest of the month and July in fees. 

Some of these things maybe similar to what you miss about high school, or maybe they are not. Maybe you don't miss high school, or maybe you are still in high school and the excitement of leaving school is currently on your mind. 

Love Alicia x 

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