Friday, 27 November 2015

November Favourites!

The  fact that it is December tomorrow really does scare me and also makes me think about how past this year has gone. It only feels like yesterday it was January and exams seemed in the distant future and the thought of university seemed a very long way away, however everything about 2015 has come around very quickly. So here is this months favourites!

1. MAC Whirl Lipliner

I have finally brought into the hype, and honestly I can understand the hype around this lipliner. I was bit scared about trying another MAC lipliner out, as I already have another one and when ever I use it I also get a spot on my lips, so I was kinda nervous that I was actually allergic to MAC lipliners. However, in the case of 'whirl' I am not. I love wearing this lipliner, and most days I do normally wear this lipliner. It is perfect for an everyday look. I have actually been loving it with MAC Twig Lipstick, as I love the look it gives. 

2. MAC Twig Lipstick

This really is no surprise that TWIG has entered this months favourites as well. Like I have just said this lipstick and MAC whirl lipliner, is just the perfect combination. I think Twig has already appeared in a monthly favourites before, and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite MAC lipsticks. 

3. Downton Abbey

Okay I am not going to lie, I cried at the last episode and I don't really know why. I have loved Downton Abbey since the very beginning, but I think it needed to come to end, I mean the dowager must be getting very old, and no one seems to be ageing (but thats TV for you). However, Downton HAD to be in this months favourites.

4. Pandora Ring*

I have been wearing thing ring* ever since I got it. It is just so simple, yet so elegant. I personally love Pandora rings anyway. If you want to check out my full opinions on the ring, then click here!

5. Lush Mask of Magnanimity

Yet another product in this months favourites where I have brought into the hype. Well technically yes I have but I didn't go into Lush for this mask. I actually went in there for another mask, but came out with this one, after telling the shop assistant my face problems and she actually advised me to get this mask. I haven't used it as a full over face mask, I have only used it on spots and it has really helped them just go away. Therefore, that is why I am so pleased with this mask. I did only buy the small pot as it didn't really want to spend nearly £10 on a mask that might had made my skin worse. 

6. The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion

The Body Shop Tea Tree range has now appeared in a few of my favourites, but this month I have been loving their night lotion. I haven't actually used it as a night lotion, I have used it more on I have a painful spot and I'm just going to put it on it. That actually works. I tend to find that this product works better if you don't rub it into the skin, instead just putting some of the product over the spot or affected area and let it work its magic. The only think I don't like about this product, is that our of the whole of the Tea Tree range, this product is the one that smells of tea tree the most. So if you don't like the smell of tea tree then this may not be for you. 

7. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner

Never would I thought just a month ago that an eyeliner would be in my November favourites, well it is. I personally do not get on with eyeliner. I have tried so many and I have failed with mostly all of them. However, then I came across this one. I believe it is like a felt tip, and for me that it so much more easier and it makes me want to put eyeliner on. I find using this eyeliner so easy. Yes it does still take me about 10 minutes to do both eyes and being about an inch away for the mirror, but I have finally found an eyeliner that works for me!

So thats Novembers favourites down! What are your November favourites?

Love Alicia x

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*This ring was sent to me by The Jewel Hut, but all opinions and photos are my own. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November Wishlist and My Christmas List

Hi Guys!

It has kinda become a thing now where every month on my blog I write a wishlist of some sort, however this post is going up right at the end of November I thought I should maybe make this into my christmas list instead. Now this list I have already given to my mum (my mum asks for one every year) and I have picked the top 6 things on the list that are basically at the top of that list.

Love Alicia x

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Monday, 23 November 2015

What has University Taught me so far? | University Edition

I have been at university now for nearly two months and in them 8 weeks I feel that university has taught me a lot about myself and a lot about being independent and stuff like that. So for todays post I thought that I would share with you guys the top 5 things that university has taught me so far.

1. People will steal your food
Admittedly no one has yet to steal any of my food in terms that I would eat it by its self, but someone has taken quite a bit of my butter. I was quite annoyed, but I know that my other flat mates have also experienced this as well and we think we known who it is. Trust me, living at uni is great until people touch the food. Hence, why I got a mini fridge, which I am not totally sure I am actually allowed but I will find out tomorrow as I have a room inspection

2. Laundry is expensive business
As my hometown is only like 25 minutes away from my university I don't tend to do as much of my laundry at uni as other people, but I have still done it three or four times. First of all it cost me £2 just to buy the laundry card and then it costs £2.70 for every wash after. I don't know how much the dryer is because I refuse to pay any more and I have space in my room to hand my wet washing up. On top of that when you want to top up, you have to top up online and the minimum you can put on is £5. This just annoys but hey, I have to wash my clothes.

3. University tests are totally different from A-Level tests.
So far I have had two in lecture tests which I have completed and I have one take home test which I am still doing and so far they have all been multiple choice. Yes, this may seem easy to some, but when the answers are all similar it is kinda hard to pick the correct answer. At a-level I don't even remember doing one multiple choice test or mock exam.

4. Buses are expensive
If I didn't work them I probably would not use the buses. However, I do work and I have brought a years bus pass which cost me nearly £150 and that is only because I got it in freshers week. If I didn't have a bus pass it would be costing me nearly £5 just to go into town and come back to my accommodation and its too far to walk. Also, if you don't get a bus you have to walk everywhere, unless you are lucky enough to have a car.

5. Non stop reading
I personally didn't think that a government course which mean so much reading, but oh boy was I wrong. The reading is worse when you are reading about the foundations of conservatism which was written in the 17th or 18th century and you don't really understand what the author is going on about.

6. They like to test fire alarms
At my accommodation I swear the fire alarm has gone off about 10 times in the last 6 days. Also, if they are not testing the fire alarm then someone has set of the fire alarm. Yes I am talking about last Tuesday night at 11pm when I was ready for bed, the wind was ridiculous and it was fucking freezing and we were all standing out side for probably nearly half an hour by the time they worked out how to actually turn off the fire alarm

7. The Kitchen will get messy and people will not clear up their mess
In terms of the kitchen getting messy it will happen especially when their are 7 people sharing it, but it will also smell as well. In terms of people not tidying their food up after cooking on the hob is one of the most annoying things, but you have to some how look over it

8. Wifi 
Wifi seems to be a bit of a problem. It like to go off, especially when you have an essay due in at 9:45am and have to use your 3G on your phone to get internet on your laptop. Oh the joys.

9.  There is always the one person who always asks annoying questions to the lecturer and you will hear basically the rest of the people in lecture do that silent huff. 
I can probably tell you the 3 people in every single one of my lectures who always ask questions and normally the questions they ask the lecturer has already answered.

10. You eating patterns and tastes will change 
Since starting university what I eat has changed and no I am not living off junk food and pizza. Actually I have only had one pizza and that was because I got it free at freshers fair. I also make sure I included at least three pieces of vegetables in my dinner, and snack on fruit throughout the day. I have also been drinking more water as well. See that every student lives of baked beans on toast.

Love Alicia x

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Friday, 20 November 2015

5 Simple and Easy Snacks

If I have only learnt one thing since being at university, is that I love food and I don't want to wait hours for food. I want something quick, but also something that is healthy. I have noticed that what I have been eating has changed a hell of a lot. Just two or three months ago I would have probably have never have thought of making these or even eating these. So here are five of my favourite things to eat that are simple and quite easy.

1. Sweet Potato Fries/ Wedges 
If You haven't read my October Favourites yet, then you will not know how much I love sweet potato. I know get upset if restaurants do not sell sweet potato fries or wedges. However, I do like to make my own at home. All you will need is one sweet potato, oil, some seasoning of your choice, a baking tray and a oven. I simply peel my sweet potato and then cut it into about two inch squares of slices. I then put some oil onto some foil which I sit in my backing tray and then cover each wedge of sweet potato in oil and spread them out across the baking tray. sometimes I add a little bit of spice. Then put them in the oven at 200 and leave them for 20 to 25 minutes.

2. Apple and Raspberry Crumble 
This is something that I do almost by accident one day. Basically my raspberries had gone all soft and slightly sour and my apples didn't look the best and both were still in date, so I decided that I needed to do something with them. All you need for this recipe is: 2 apples, some raspberries, some raisins, two handful of oats, cinnamon, butter and I also used some left over granola which wasn't enough for breakfast by its self.  I simple peeled and cut up the apple and put it into an oven proof dish, along with the raspberries, raisins and some cinnamon. In another bowl I just mixed together the butter, oats, granola and some more cinnamon and them sprinkled this over the fruit. I then cooked it in the oven for 35 minutes at 190. I got about three portions out of this and served with some ice cream.

3. Granola, Yogurt and Fruit 
This is one of my favourite breakfast ideas, then I also like to have for lunch as well. This is super simple, I just get two handfuls of granola, 3 tablespoons of yogurt (plain, strawberry, whatever you like) and a handful of a range of fruit. I tend to have pomegranate seeds, raspberries, strawberries and sometimes apples as well.

4. Apple and Peanut Butter 
I love this as a mid afternoon snack or sometimes after dinner. Simply cut up an apple into wedges and get a tablespoon of peanut butter and enjoy.

5. Spicy Mince Meat Wraps
This is more of a dinner idea but I love it. All you need is some frozen mince meat (I use the quorn one, not because I am vegetarian but I like the taste of it and it was on offer so was cheaper), some frozen onion, frozen sweetcorn, 1 pepper, paprika powder, sweet chilli sauce, 2 wraps. But all the ingredients into a fry pan (except for the wraps) and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes on a medium to high heat. Then serve in a wrap, with maybe sweet potato wedges on the side, tomato ketchup and some cheese. Simple and sort of healthy.

Love Alicia x

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Monday, 16 November 2015

30 Blog Post Ideas

Bloggers block? I hate it as well. Trying to think up ideas for new posts and having literally no idea what to write. I actually made this post because I was struggling for ideas. So here are 25 ideas for whether you are a new blogger or just struggling with ideas.

1. Outfits of the Week 
2.  Top five items in your wardrobe 
3. Shoe collection 
4. Style an item from day to Night 
5. My Favourite Store (maybe create a mini look book)

6. Top 10 under 10 
7. Top 5 Drugstore (mascaras, lipsticks, foundations etc)
8. Face of the day 
9. Day to Night makeup using the same makeup 
10. A whole face for under £30 

11. Instagram round up 
12. Room Tour 
13. 25 Facts about me 
14. 10 tips on (Going to university, how to revise, gym, blogging etc)
15. Concert Review 

16. Travel wishlist 
17. Travel Diary 
18. A round up of your favourite places you have been 
19. Top 5 places in your town/city/ country 
20. What's in My Hand Luggage/Suitcase?

21. Monthly Favourites
22. Share a story (Skin, Hair journey, school, work, work experience, from your imagination etc)
23. Bucket List 
24. Your favourite hobby 
25. Favourite Singer/Band/Actress/Actor/Film/TV Show etc 

26. What I ate in a day 
27. How to Make (pancakes, brownies, cupcakes, favourite meal etc)
28. Top guilty pleasures food 
29. Favourite healthy snacks 
30. Review on a restaurant

Love Alicia x

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Top 5 Eyeshadows

I went though the phase of always wearing eyeshadow and then just stopped for a couple of years before I went back to using eyeshadows on a daily basis. My collection is not the biggest, but I thought I would share my top 5 eyeshadows (basically the ones I constantly reach for). This post is in no particular order.

1. Naked 2 (Urban Decay Naked Basics)
I reach for this little one most days, as I like to either use it as an all over colour or I like to use it to build up colour on my outer eyelid (that made more sense in my head). It is quite a light browny colour which is great for during the day but also at night especially if you want to build it up.

2. Sable (MAC)
Okay, I do use this more on my eyebrows than on my eyelids but it is still an eyeshadow. It was actually one of my first high end products quite a few years back and I love it so much that I have repurchases it since. It is quite a dark brown, that I do only tend to wear if I am doing a smoky eye.

3. Sable (Bobbi Brown)
Yes I know it has the same name as the MAC one, but I didn't realise at the time and yes it is basically the same colour. I like brown eyeshadow okay. I actually prefer this to the make one as it is slightly more pigmented which I really love. I never use this as an all over product. I do like to use it in my crease and blend it out slightly during the day.

4. Limit (Urban Decay Naked 3) 
This one is actually not a brown. (YAYYY!!!!!!) This is a pinky/ browny colour which I just adore. I quite like to do more pinky subtle eyes in the day, so I also reach out for this colour. It is perfect. Sometimes I will just use it by itself, or I will use it with 'mooner' which is also in the palette if I want something a bit more darker and intense.

5. Daybreak (Clinque) 
This eyeshadow is beautiful and I think it looks truly amazing just by it's self, which is great when I am in a hurry and I can just put this one on.

What are your favourite eyeshadows? 
Love Alicia x

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Friday, 6 November 2015

What's In My University Bag?

A few months back - well actually it was probably able 6 or so months ago - I did a 'Whats in my School Bag?', and as I am no longer at school I have decided to re do it. This is not what is in my bag everyday, as I need different things for different lectures and classes. So I decided to pick a random day and take some pictures of what I was carrying around that day. I hope you enjoy! 

The bag of choice which I use everyday for uni, is from Zara. I do believe that it is the Office City Bag of something that like. What is really good about it, is that it has three pockets so I can carry everything around and separate different things off. If I am taking my laptop then my 13inch Macbook pro fits perfectly in there, so if any of you guys are looking for a bag that will be able to carry a small ish laptop, then this is a really great bag. 

At the back of the bag is where I keep my notebooks and diary. I tend to always carry a refill pad with me as my notes in lectures get so messy and it is so easy to just rip them out and put them in folders. I also carry around another notebook. This notebook has all my notes in from one of my modules as my lecturer pre records our lectures and then we do activities in class. Also at the back of the book I have some revision from one of my other modules. The diary is from John Lewis but I think you can get it in other places as well. I have never been a massive diary person, but now this travels everywhere with me. I like to totally plan out my day and make sure I have little tasks to do, just so I can keep on top of things. 

In the front part of the bag I just carry around a load of stuff. It is actually quite empty today as I used another bag at the weekend for work and have yet to transfer things back over to this bag. In here I am my student card, key for my room, lip balm, portable phone charger, highlighter and memory stick. There are normally tissues and plasters in the bottom of my bag as well. 

Also in that section I carry around my hairbrush, purse, pencil case, VS spray and a bottle of water.  I don't tend to have snacks in my bag as the max I am on campus for in one go is only two hours so I don't need to carry to much around with me. I also have earphones normally and my phone. 

Are any of you guys at university? or what do you carry in your bags? 

Love Alicia x

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My First Pandora Ring!

How pretty are Pandora rings? Well, I certainly love them and when the lovely people at The Jewel Hut, sent me this Pandora Silver White Enamel Ring* I was overjoyed at just how pretty it actually was. What I love about Pandora rings is just how simple and elegant they are and this ring is certainly both of them. 

First things first, the packaging that all Pandora items come in is so beautiful and it something that looks really pretty on my shelves (helps to make my university room look a bit more prettier to say the least) and just a nice keep sake. From the pretty pink bow, to the white little Pandora box. 

This pretty silver and white ring fits perfectly into my everyday style and I really enjoy wearing rings, especially when I am not wearing any other accessories, or I am just wearing minimal accessories. In the near future, I will probably purchase a few more Pandora rings from The Jewel Hut, so I can create a stacking effect. 

As this was my first ring from Pandora, I decided to use the online size guide on The Jewel Hut website. I found that this was quite straightforward and I ended up getting the right size, although the ring is slightly too big for one of my figures and slightly too small for another one of my fingers. However, I really like wearing this ring on my finger that is between my little finger and my middle figure. I do not know why this is, I just always feel more comfortable with wearing rings on that finger.

Now on to the ring!

The main part of the ring is silver, with oval shapes around the outside that are white. This reminds me sort of like snow, I do not know why, but perhaps it is because snow is round and white.  I do really like this effect and what also helps the ring is that it is quite small, so it doesn’t stand out like ‘hey I am wearing a ring’ but at the same time isn’t too small that there is no point in it being there.

I will defiantly be buying more Pandora rings in the future from The Jewel Hut. I can also see myself getting a lot of use out of the ring throughout the winter months as a simple accessory to add a little something extra to my outfits.

I am also planning to do a winter accessory look using this Pandora ring and a few other accessories that I have also picked up for autumn and winter.

Have you ever bought anything from The Jewel Hut, or own any Pandora Rings?

Love Alicia x 

*This ring was sent to my from The Jewel Hut, but all opinions and photos are my own. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Favourites!

Another month has pasted, which means another monthly favourites has appeared on my blog. This month has really been all about settling in to uni, so a lot of this months favourites are quite old favourites, except for some lifestyle bits.

1. Real Techniques Buffing Brush
So Ihave been after this brush now for quite a well and because I got a £60 gift voucher for Amazon (thank you HSBC - student account) I decided to treat myself to some new brushes. Now normally I just apple my foundation using my hands, however in the last couple of weeks I have been applying my everyday foundation with this brush and honestly it looks so much better. I did always used to apply my foundation with a brush but then I got bored, however I probably will not be going back after using this buffing brush.

2. Tiffany necklace
Oh how I love this Tiffany necklace. This have actually been a favoruite this I was given this necklace for my 18th Birthday (you can see my 18th birthday haul here if you want to take a look) and I have been wearing it every single day. I love this necklace and I love how simple, elegant and how pretty it looks. I dont always have it on show, sometimes I like to tuck it in and other times I like to have it out. If you are ooking or thinking about getting a Tiffany necklace I would defaintly say go for it, because they are really, really lovely.

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Range
I think it was back in February/ March time when I did a mini review on The Body Shop Tee Trea range and I did say I didn't really know if I was going to really like it or not. However, after giving it about 6 months my verdict is, is that I love this range. I prefer to use the range in the morning as more of a wake me up, as I do find that the cleanser does not remove all my make up, but I really do like using it as something I can just reach for every morning. Also, it does not break me out.

4. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 
I finally brought into the hype and I can now understand the hype. Compared to the Body Shop Tea  tree range, I prefer to use this at night to remove all my make up and to make my skin feel a bit more normally after a long day. This product really does remove all your makeup (halloween, this was a god send) and it also does not break me out.

5. Sweet Potatos 
So I have been at university now for just over 5 weeks and I have eaten sweet potato for about 95% of all them days. I love them and plus they are so healthy as well. If you are looking for an alternative from pasta or normal potatos I would definatly recommed them. I buy mine from either Tesco or Marks & Spencers ( yes I know I am a student but they are the same price as Tescos) and they do about 6 in a bag for about £1.50 and they last me all week.

6. Dancing 
I have loved dancing since I was very young but I have finally got back into dancing again after having two and a bit years out, so thank you to the Dance society at my university.

Love Alicia x

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