Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hazel & Kent Champagne Earrings

My earrings collection just seems to be getting bigger and bigger as the months go on and on. I love earrings, although I do not tend to wear earrings as much as I probably should do, but I do love and they can change an outfit. So I have decided to inspire myself to wear my earrings more often by buying a few more pairs of earrings for Autumn and winter.

This pair from Hazel & Kent took my eye and I have been loving them, and they have made me want to wear earrings more often. Personally, I don't wear them during the day, but I do like to wear them on evenings out as they just add a little something more to an outfit.

The earrings are in a champagne, rose gold colour, which you may or may not already know that I LOVE this colour for jewellery especially earrings and watches.  That is why I do prefer to wear this earrings at night because otherwise I feel like I look a bit over the the top during the day for 9am lectures with hardly any make up on and looking half dead, but that's another story for another day. However, I have actually worn this earrings for work and I did really enjoy wearing, as they didn't hurt like some earrings do if you wear them all day.

In my collection of earrings, I don't actually own anything that is similar to these lovely Hazel & Kent earrings what so ever, so when the lovely people at Hazel & Kent sent me these earrings I was really happy to add something new and different to my collection. I love the fact that they are a square as well, simply because I get really bored of round earrings, and the cushion effect just adds a little something different.

The one thing that I do really love about this pair of earrings is that they are a really nice size. They are bigger than studs but not too big that they look awful and huge on my ears! Furthermore, I really do love the colour, and I think it complements my hair colour really nicely. I think this is also helped by the cushioning effect as it brings out a shine, so they do not just fade into your ears or into your hair.

Overall, I would defiantly recommend purchasing a pair of earrings from Hazel & Kent

You can purchase the 'Sparkle Champagne Crystal Square Cushion Earrings' here!

Love Alicia x

* The earrings have been sent to me by Hazel & Kent, but all opinions are my own. 


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Instagram Round Up

Another couple of months have passed, which means another instagram round up, considering the last round up was back in July. So I have gone through my instagram from the last three months and picked out some of my favourites and some memories too. Enjoy!

Sometimes the sun does shine in England, like this Sunday in the middle of August!

I also decided to make Rocky Road.

It was also the Clacton Airshow, where he weather decided to be cold and grey and windy, but the Red Arrows still did their full display.

August bank holiday Monday consisted of university shopping in John Lewis and Next and then catching up with family. As it was raining the John Lewis cafe was packed but heres a photo of a pot of green tea and a yum yum!


The Harry Potter Shop at Kings Cross was magical!

Afternoon tea was simply delicious, although very filling!

Costa Muffins are simply amazing!

More food, but this burger + sweet potato chips was truly amazing!

I officially started University and how cute is this!



So Dominos were giving out free pizza at the Freshers Fair.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions? America or Canada?

Love Alicia x

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Perfect New Watch from House of Watches!

For me a watch is essential, I wear one on a daily basis especially when I'm at work and during the week for my lectures. I have wanted a new watch to add to my collection now for a long time, when this beautiful Sekonda * watch just happened to come into my life.

When I opened the box my first impressions were 'this watch is beautiful' and I was really surprised by just how well it matches me and my style. I like a watch that is simple, elegant and that isn't chunky and looks ridiculously striped on me. This watch has the characteristics that I want in a watch, as well as something that is easy to wear.

With rose gold detail, which is just to die for, and the prettiest nude pink watch strap, this watch generally does look perfect for everyday wear. In all honestly I adore the rose gold detailing, as in my own opinion it looks very elegant on the wrist. Plus who does not love rose gold! The rose gold detailing is something that made me fall in love with this watch. I don't like sliver detailing on watches, but then again I never really have, so I'm so glad this watch was available in rose gold.

The one thing I was slightly concerned with was the fact that the face of watch was quite big and my wrists are quite small, so I was scared that the watch was going to look horrendous on me. However it really doesn't, although it does take up all my arm. Furthermore, I love how simple and elegant the design is on the face. I love a watch that you can just look at it and read the time, without seeing what the day and the data is and I think on some watches they have the temperature as well, like I do not need that. Whereas on this beautiful Sekonda watch from House of Watches, the simplicity of the white background and rose gold details is simple and easy for anyone to read. However, the one thing I would have liked on the watch was the numbers instead of the lines, but that's a minor negative based on personal preference.

I have always been a fan of Sekonda Watches for a long time now, hence why there is no surprise but how much I love this watch. From the details on the face to the strap it's self. For me the strap is perfect, in the sense that you are covered if you have a small wrist like me. In the past I have had to have new holes put onto the watch strap because otherwise the watch is too big. Whereas on this Sekonda watch I do not have that problem as there are plenty of holes, perfect if you have a smaller wrist. 

Furthermore, this watch looks perfect during the day, yet equally as elegant during the evening.

Overall, I would highly recommend this watch, especially if you are looking for a new everyday watch that you can wear to work and school but it also looks nice if you are going out for the day or maybe going out for a meal. Also, if you love rose gold and pretty pastel colours this watch will suit you down to the ground. 

In the further I will defiantly by adding more Sekonda watches to my slightly small collection. 

You can buy the Seonda Ladies Edition Watch 2013 here!

Have you ever owned a Sekonda watch? 

Love Alicia x

*This watch has been sent to me, but all opinions are mine. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

The Hidden Favourites

I feel like I have them favourites that are almost unsung or 'hidden' favourites, that you don't really think are favourites but you use them all the time or really couldn't live without. So here are mine:

1. Green Tea
Yes I know I could probably live without this, but honestly I love having a cup of green tea every day. I normally have a cup after lunch and after dinner, as I don't know if does help or not, but I feel it helps with digestion and does stop me from bloating. For me, I always go for PG tops or Twinnings as I have tried other brands of tea and I simply do not like the taste.

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo
I think I have been using this dry shampoo now for around about five years now and I have to use it when I don't wash my hair, which is normally every other day. My hair does get greasy quite quickly and I find that this dry shampoo does the job of refreshing my hair and stopping it look greasy and horrible. I have actually changed the one I use now to 'Strength and Shine' as I was using the one in the pink bottle but I didn't like the smell of it and I found that it wasn't as good as what it used to be. However, this one seems to work really well. I do only spray it on my roots and yeah it works.

3. Mitchum Pure Fresh Deodorant
I was always someone that used to use Sure, I don't even remember the last time I used a different brand. However, after doing some exercise or working I felt that it didn't really work. Thats when I switched to Mitchum and for the last three months I have fallen in love with it. I had heard so many great reviews on their products and it was 2 for £4 I think in Superdrug so I decided to give up on sure. Honestly, it works so well. The only think I don't really like about it is that it seems to take ages to dry, which is kinda annoying if you are in a rush to get ready.

4. Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover
I can not stand normal nail polish remover as it stinks and I normally end up spilling it some where. See with this bourjois one it is just so simple. I was going to write something that about how easy it is but it sounded quite rude.  Honestly its so quick and it removes all the nail polish, it doesn't have that horrible smell and it is a good nail polish remover.

5. Soap & Glory Shampoo and Conditioner
So shampoo and conditioner is kinda a necessity to every one. Other the years I have tried quite a few different shampoos and conditioners but I have always landed back on the soap and glory ones. What I love about them is they actually do last quite a long time. I mean I wash my hair every other day and it takes me about three months to go through them. Also, I really like the smell of them as well.

Love Alicia x 

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Room Tour | University Edition

I love room tours, whether they are in the form of a video or a blog post, I love them. I love the fact that you can get some ideas if you are thinking of re doing a room, or even ideas on how to decorate your room at university. During the summer I watched a tone of university room tours on Youtube, as well as searched many blog posts on my ideas on how to decorate my room at university. I actually moved to university at the end of last month and because I didn't do a room tour post on my bedroom back at home, I decided to share a few photos of my university room. It's not the tidiest or the prettiest but it's getting there somehow. So I hope you enjoy taking a peek around my university room.

Love Alicia x

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Perfect Shade for Autumn

It is that time of the year again when the autumn nail polishes come out again, hence the return of Essie 'Fishnet Stocking' to my nails. I fell in love with this colour last autumn and winter so it really is no surprise that it is out again. I find that this is just the perfect colour, although I would prefer if it was matte on some days, but honestly I can't fault this colour or the nail varnish.

What's your favourite nail colour for autumn/winter? 

Love Alicia x

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Monday, 5 October 2015

3 Easy Breakfast Ideas

For me I could literally eat cereals all day long, but in reality they really are not that good for you. So over the last month and a half I have been really trying to improve what I eat for breakfast by mixing it up a bit and doing a bit of research. Below are my top 3 go to breakfasts, although one maybe more of a brunch than a breakfast.

Simply Porridge:

Ingredients for 1 person:
  - 50g of porridge oats (4 tablespoons_
  - 200 ml of boiling water
  - 100 ml of Almond Milk

Now that we are approaching the colder weather there really is nothing better than a bowl of hot porridge before the day ahead. Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and let the mixture boil, once boil turn down the heat and let the mixture simmer. Remember to stir. Do this for about 4 to 5 minutes. Serve by its self or add your favourite toppings, I personally like banana and cinnamon.

Smoothie Bowl:

Ingredients for 1 person:
  - a hand full of raspberries
  - a hand full of blueberries
  - half an apple
  - tablespoon of cinnamon

Topping (optional)
   - half a apple
   - banana
   - granola
   - peanut butter

I have always loved smoothies, so the idea of a smoothie bowl is something that suits me right down. This smoothie bowl is for a berry version. I put all the ingredients into a big jug and then using a hand blender, blend the ingredients together. Simple. Then just pour it into a bowl and add whatever toppings you want.

Scrambled Eggs:

Ingredients for 1 Person
 - 1 Egg
 - 4 tablespoons of milk

Now I know most people add in butter or pepper, but I personally believe that you do not need either. If your frying pan or saucepan is non stick then you do not need butter or oil. I simply crack one egg into a bowl and then add the tablespoons of milk and then whisk, before putting them into the frying pan. A tip that I have picked up is that for every egg you add in 4 tablespoons of milk. I tend to cook my eggs of high heat before turning it right down after about 3 minutes. I then serve with granulated toast.

Love Alicia x

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Autumn Clothing Haul!

I adore autumn fashion so I thought it would be fitting to do a autumn clothing haul. Now these purchases are not just from one trip and I have collected them over the course of about eight weeks, before I went to University. I hope you enjoy!

Brandy Melville:

I absolutely love Brandy Melville, so whenever I go to London I always try to pop into the Carnaby Shop. I didn't really know what I wanted when I went in which is very unlikely for me. I did manage to pick up two items which I though would be really nice to wear for the colder weather.
The first thing I picked up was a flannel shirt and what I loved about this shirt is that it is quite thick. Normally they can be quite thin and for £25 I was really surprised by the quality and just how thick it actually was.
The other item I picked up was a black and cream top. I thought this would look really nice with a pair of mid rise jeans as it is not a crop top but it is not very long either. It's quite a good basic for £14.

River Island:

I don't normally shop in RI but I really wanted a warp over blouse and I honestly couldn't find one that I really liked anywhere, so when I saw this one online (not pictured) I knew I just had to have it. Also, I need a smart casual blouse as all of my shirts are not smart and I actually don't have any other blouses. This one was £32.
I then decided to pick up this faux leather skirt as I have been wanting one since this time last year and never picked one up last winter, hence why I got this little one and it was £28.

Forever 21:

I don't know if this only happens to me or not, but I will find loads of stuff online that I want and then when I go in the store I can never find anything. Well, that happened. I only picked up one dress out of the four I was looking for. I believe the dress was £18 but I did get student discount so I may be wrong.


Primark for me can either go one way or the other. I either love everything in there or can not find anything that I like. I kinda just wanted to stock up on basics as well, so even if they don't last that long, they should last me into next year.
The first thing that I picked up back in August was a Camel coloured jumper. I actually went 4 sizes up because I wanted something that was oversized so you could just throw it on over a pair of jeans and then just put a jacket over the top and for only £6 it really is not that bad. (not pictured)
My Mum also picked me up some minnie mouse pyjamas as I have a habit of just sleeping in concert tops and I actually need a pair of proper pyjamas to take to University. They were £8. Also on the pyjama front, I got a pair of legging type pyjama bottoms because although I don't like sleeping in them, i'm thinking about if a fire alarm goes off at 4 in the morning and I don't want to be cold. To go with that idea I also picked up a white dressing gown.
I have always had a love hate relationship with Primark jeans, but I wanted a pair of grey jeans without paying £40 (sorry topshop) thats why I picked up these super skinny grey jeans. I believe they were only £12.


Oh I do love Zara, however the same happened to me in here as what it did in forever 21, but I fixed the issue by ordering online. From the actual store it's self I picked up a white shirt which was £22.99. I do already have a white shirt but I wanted a shirt that was quite loose and causal looking.
I also picked up another one of their V neck t-shirts as I love these and they are only £7.99, so you really can't go wrong.

Urban Outfitters: 

Originally I was planning on buying a white shirt in UO but inside I picked up this kinda cropped jumper. What I loved about this jumper is that it is quite thick for the money. I believe it was £29, which for a jumper you would except to pay that in most shops and student discount also persuaded me even more.

Now I haven't owned a pair of trainers for a very long time. I am such a converse and boots type of girl but I have finally decided to buy a pair of trainers as I want to start to get a bit more fitter and I just love these trainers. The trainers are from New Balance and I just love the mint detail.

I am not a huge fan of ASOS jeans, personally I don't find the super skinny jeans that skinny, however I did decide to pick up a pair of their ripped skinny jeans, as I needed another pair of skinny jeans. Also, they were in the sale.

I adore PINK clothing. It is just so soft and comfortable and just seems to fit perfectly as well. So I decided to pick up this top, when I actually went in their to get a black bra but I couldn't find one.

Love Alicia x

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P.S: Sorry that some items are not pictured, I forgot to take photos of them when I was at home and have no where in my uni room to take a photo of them! 

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