Friday, 21 August 2015

Daniel Wellington Classy St Mawes

I have lusted and lusted over this watch now for what seems likes months and then for my birthday my Dad order me one. Now some of you might have read the story here about how I got the watch and if not going and read it, there are some pictures of Venice in there as well.

First thing is first: the packaging! I love a good old nicely presented box with something beautiful inside and this box is beautiful. I was really surprised that it actually had leather on the box as well. A lot of the time you just et a bog standard black box with the name of the brand engraved in.

The Strap: For me a strap has to be leather, I am not into all that metal or plastic. Plus if I had a metal strap like the Michael Kors watches, the watch and the strap would over power as it would be far too big for me. The strap on the Classy St Mawes is leather and it is quite narrow, which is great if you have narrow wrists. Also, there is already enough holes. On some watches you either have to have links taken out or you need another hole put in and that can be annoying. Also, the straps are interchangeable, which is something that I really like. At the moment I only have one strap but I would defiantly consider getting another strap if I fancy a different look.

The little things: What I like is that you can chose between rose gold and silver for case colour. I chose rose gold, simply because I have a little obsession with rose gold and also because I think it goes better with brown that sliver and more classy.

Why I got the watch? The watch was a birthday present. Also, I didn't actually own a watch that worked, so everytime I went to work I would have to borrow my mums which probably really annoyed her. Therefore I needed a watch for work as the only clock is on the tills and unless you are serving you don't know what time it is.

Any Cons? The only thing I would say that I don't particularly like about this watch is the stones inside the watch. I would have preferred numbers or roman numerals but that is only something very little and I am being quite picky. However, I have got used to it now and it doesn't bother me. Apart from that I can really not find any other cons about this watch.

Overall score: I would probably give this watch a 5/5 simply because I am in love with it and it is very photogenic. If you are looking to buy a watch that looks elegant yet is simple I would definitely recommend this watch.

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