Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July Favourites

It's that time of the month again, the time when I write about the things I have been loving in July. I feel like my monthly favourites don't really change, but I do tend to rediscover some bits and bobs or buy a few things and fall in love with them, so here goes:

My Daniel Wellington watch has been talked about in my Italy posts and it has now made my monthly favourites. I love this watch. It looks simply elegant on this wrist and as I have quite small wrists that face does not over power my arm. I am probably going to write a review on this watch in a couple of weeks to give more details about this beautiful watch that I have been wearing every single day.

'Daisy Eau so Fresh' has been coming out a few times this month. It is such a perfect summery scent that lasts the whole day. Sometimes at work I will occasionally get a whiff of the beautiful scent throughout the day. Plus, on a rainy day (yep we have had a few of them) it can really help to make it feel like you are smelling like summer although the weather does not show it.* 

Victorias Secret sprays have been a favourite of mine now for well over a year. I LOVE them, and recently for my birthday I got brought four of these lovely sprays. I have to admit my favourite has to be 'Passion Struck'. It smells divine and I have been spraying it on all the time, especially as a refresh throughout the day.*

Okay I have a little obsession with this one. It's a game and its 'Hill Climb' for iPhone. I have been addicted to this game for around 2 months now and its the only game on my phone. I am not one for games but this one is addictive, yet very simple and its free!

I have always really liked Rimmel nail polishes and before my holiday I wanted to get a summery colour that wasn't to expensive (hi Essie varnishes) that I could take away with me. I decided to pick up the colour 'Wild-er-ness' (558) in the Rita Ora Collection. This is like the perfect lilic and it is quite long lasting, so I only re done them once when I was away. I have also found myself go back to the colour again throughout the month. It does chip a bit but that is probably because of work.

Love Alicia x

*I am sorry for the lack of photos, but I updated my computer and I can no longer access iPhoto so I can't download photos on to my computer. I will update my computer again so I can try and download photos for future posts. 

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