Sunday, 10 May 2015

'Fast Play'

Hi Guys!

A few weeks ago I went into my local MAC shop with the aim of getting a new foundation as mine had run out. Instead of getting the foundation because it was extremely busy in there and I didn't want to be in their ages. So I decided to pick up a new lipstick. 

I swatched 'Fast Play' a few weeks before hand and I had fallen in love with it, so I knew it was on my lipstick.

Normally I wouldn't go for an 'amplified' as I was kinda scared that it would just go everywhere and would just wear off as soon as I ate. 

My favourite thing about 'Fast Play' is that they are so moisturising and at a point where I am still suffering with dry and crack lips, this had become a perfect lipstick for me. I tried wearing 'Brace' the other day and my lips felt it.

Yes, it does wear off quite quickly but it is a gorgeous colour that I am still in love with. 

Love Alicia x 

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