Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites!

And it's the end of January, that went very quickly!

So throughout the month I have been loving some things, mainly make up but some other little bits and bobs as well.

'Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body buttercream' - This smells amazing and is just so lovely on the skin. I have used one of their butter creams before and didn't really it, but this one on the other hand is amazing. I have been grabbing for this product nearly every day of January. In fact, I have nearly used it all (its not the big pot its the small christmas sized ones you get in gift sets). I am not normally someone who loves citrusy smelling products but there is just something about it, that makes me love it. I will definitely be buying a big pot of it very son.

'Justin Bieber Someday perfume' - I have only just got back into this perfume because I normally get Justin's new ones for christmas etc. In fact the last time I had this perfume if July 2013 because i brought it before I went to Italy. I personally still think its the best perfume for his range. It's quite sweet smelling and it lasts most of the day. 

Clinique eyeshadow in daybreak (319) - I have hit the pan! I used to wear this eyeshadow every single day back in 2013 - well for about 3 or 4 months at the beginning - and since then it has just been sitting in my make up collection not doing a thing. All of a sudden I have just been wearing eyeshadow every single day. Personally, it does look better with eyeshadow primer, but it still looks good by it's self. I either wear it as a base or by it's self. It's a really nice nude colour with a touch of shimmer. It says it is 'super shimmer' but I wouldn't go that far.

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl Lipstick - This product is like heaven. I have wanted to try out one of her lipsticks for ages now and then one day I just went and ordered it. Ever since then, this has been my go to lipstick. It's no where there a nude or a pink - more berry/ mauve. It's really long lasting, which is just a bonas. Also, even though it is a matte it isn't drying and it doesn't feel heavy.

YSL babydoll mascara - I got this mascara for christmas and oh my god, I am just so happy with it. I am not someone who loves clumpy eyelashes, I love long eye lashes spread out and this is certainty what this mascara does. Really, it does make your eye lashes look like a baby doll. Also, the packaging is so perfect.

Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Cosmo - This month I have probably used this the most on my nails simply because It has just been sitting there and has been the closest thing to grab. What I do love about this product though is that it isn't stand in your face purple. It's more berry like and quite dark without being dark dark, if you know what I mean. 

Pretty Little Liars - This program is my life at the moment. I have wanted to watch it for years now and some of my friends have spoke about (although some had negative things to say about it) and I wanted to know what the hype was about. I honestly had know idea what the program was about and the theme was completely different to what I expected. Although I am only on season 2, I have been watching for about two weeks now and I just find it quite interesting.

So what have you been loving this month?

Love Alicia x 

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