Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What's On My iPhone?

My phone apps are very basic and probably quite boring but heres a little insight into the world of my iPhone 5s.

Facebook: Free

Facebook Messenger: Free
I honestly find it do annoying that it almost made you download the app otherwise you couldn't message anyone. 

Twitter: Free
The MOST used app and was and still an essential in the 'belieber' lifestyle. Plus, a certain Mr. Bieber follows me. 

Instagram: Free
Who doesn't love stalking people and posting photos

Shots: Fee
Primarly downloaded because of Justin Bieber but to be honest I really do love the app simply because no one can comment on your photos so it gets rid of the negativity that instagram and Facebook can create.

Fahlo: Free
Its a fan club.

Snapchat: Free
At the beginning I was on this app everyday, now I find it quite boring. 

Timehop: Free

Solitare: Free
It's a game that i will either not play for years or suddenly get addicted and can not stop playing.

2048: Free
Probably the only person to not have got to 2048 - Has since been deleted as I got bored of it.

Evernote: Free
The most amazing app if you make lists. Not only do I have it on my iPhone but also on my computer.

O2 Priority: Free
Who doesn't want 40% of at Bodyshop or free chocolate coins from WHSmiths at Christmas?

Whitagram: Free
There was another app that I used all the time but when I updated my phone I deleted everything and could not find it again so i just downloaded this app again.

Bloglovin: Free
On my phone I prefer to read blog posts than on my iPad or Mac. I just find it easier. 
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