Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Day through my iPhone camera!

So yesterday it was my mums birthday and I have always have Tuesdays off of sixth form so we took a little trip to Westfield Stratford City. Also, because it was my Dad's on the 25th we also went to the London Transport museum, which was actually really good. 

Here's the day through photos! 

10:21 am - Jacket, bag and scarf

10:48 am - The station 

11:42 am - Ticket 

13:09 pm - As I am 17, I was classed as a child!

13:13 pm - Lattes and Muffins 

13:28 pm - Quotes

13:31 pm - I just really liked this. 

14:22 pm - Grey Covent Garden and somewhat very quite

14:23 pm - Theres always some one trying to entertain the tourists and day trippers and locals. 

14:34 pm - Jack Wills

14:42 pm - Walking back to Holborn tube 

14:47 pm - Walking and I spy underground sign

17:16 pm - Pizza Express 

17:31 pm - Because my pizza is better than yours 

18:01 pm  - Honeycomb slice 

18:40 pm - A quite westfield 

19:02 pm - time to go and catch a train 

19:09 pm - So a train went through and I thought it looked cool 

19:10 pm - The ipswich and southend trains were before

21:01 pm - Oops! 

So how was your day?

Love Alicia x

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Drugstore Buys: January 2015

Over the course of the month I have picked up some bits and bobs. There isn't much, but I thought I would show you guys what I have brought recently. 

Revlon Colorstay 555: Moonilt 

This little palette was only £5! I haven't really tried it out yet as I have been using a clique one and a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow at the moment. 

Maybelline Color Drama 'intense velvet lip pencil' in 140 minimalist

This is such a lovely everyday lip crayon. It's more shiny than pinky on the lips which is really nice for a subtle everyday look. 

L'Oreal True Match foundation in R3-C3

This works really well with primer first. I haven't actually tried it without but when using primer it did stay on for quite a long time. The only thing is, it is slightly too dark for my skin so I mix it with my MAC foundation which gives me a more natural look. 

Do you have any of these products, if so how have you got on with them? 

Love Alicia x 


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Liebster Award

So, I was nominated a few days ago and I thought I would have
ago as it is a great way to connect with other bloggers. Thank you for my nomination Planet Alisha

The Rules;

You must answer each question 

You must nominate 11 other bloggers
You must ask 11 questions of your own for them to answer in return

The Questions and My Answers: 

1. What music are you into? 
It ranges from anything from Justin Bieber to Fall Out Boy.
2. What's your favourite beauty product of 2014?
YSL Babydoll Mascara or MAC 'Brave' lipstick
3. Do you have any pets?
Nope, but I had a tortoise when I was younger (It was technically my mums and is now buried at the back of the garden).
4. What are your favourite TV shows?
Downton Abbey, Kardishains (keeping up with or whoever takes wherever), Pretty Little Liars and Prison Break.
5. What are you excited for in 2015?
Hopefully starting university in September, turning 18 and hopefully passing my driving test.
6. What's your favourite drugstore and high end makeup brand?
Drugstore: L'Oreal simply for their lipsticks. High End: MAC
7. Where do you like to shop?
Topshop, Zara and Jack Wills.
8. What are your style staples?
Black jeans, shirts and leather jacket. Oh and boots. And plain black or white tees.
9. Would you rather have a red, pink or nude lip?
I mainly go for the nude lip but I do like bringing out the red lip occasionally.
10. What's your favourite quality about yourself?
Probably that I'm tall without being too tall maybe. I don't know.
11. Why did you start blogging?
Literally like a month ago (December 2014)

I nominate:

My Questions:
1)What's your favourite thing about blogging?
2)What high end beauty product are you most hoping for in 2015?
3) If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
4) Why did you start blogging?
5) Favourite eyeshadow or eyeshadow palette?
6) Boots or Heels?
7) Favourite perfume of 2014?
8) If you have £500 to spend at shop, where would you spend it?
9) Favourite drugstore foundation?
10) What is your favourite artist or band?
11) What celebrity would you want to meet, if you could only meet one? (one can also be classed as a band etc) 

Love Alicia x

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Converse Edit

I am slightly obsessed with converse. A bit like how I was with Justin Bieber back in the 2010/2011 days or how my friend is right now with One Direction (she's 17 nearly 18).  

Converse, Converse, Converse.
I literally live in my converse.

It all started about four years ago, when my parents very kindly brought me my first ever pair. They were yellow and are now very dirty as they were used when riding a bike everyday on a paper round. They still fit. They do not really go with anything. I used to love them and were them everyday. In all honestly, I have no idea why I chose yellow when I hate the colour but converse do look nice in them and plus you have always got to have one pair of converse which are a bit out there.
(Sorry about there being no photo, can't exactly find them)

Then we come to christmas 2012, when i got my first pair of white high tops. These were perfectly clean for around 8 months and then I took them to a yard and worn them a few times. Bad mistake. Everyone is like 'converse look good dirty' no they do not. Mine are flithy and they have been through the wash several times and they still are not very clean. However, I still love them and wear them.

When you have to walk across a muddy field to get to sixth form,
converse get disgusting

Jump forward to a year later, Christmas 2013 and I unwrapped much cleaner looking white low converse. They were perfectly white and perfectly perfect and then I walked across a muddy and horrible field/ reck to get to college. Not a smart move Alicia. Anyway, they have been through the wash and have not come up half as clean as the others, but i still wear them. I should probably get a pair of leather ones next time.

October 2014 Office had 30% and these lucky converse became mine. The good thing is they are hardly dirty and they go with most things.

December 2014 and Office had nice and normal converse in the sale. I have wanted a pair of maroon ones now for a while and when I saw these I jumped at them. This was all while my mother was trying to find a pair of boots that she liked.

I hope you have enjoyed my round up of my converse collection.

Love Alicia x


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What's On My iPhone?

My phone apps are very basic and probably quite boring but heres a little insight into the world of my iPhone 5s.

Facebook: Free

Facebook Messenger: Free
I honestly find it do annoying that it almost made you download the app otherwise you couldn't message anyone. 

Twitter: Free
The MOST used app and was and still an essential in the 'belieber' lifestyle. Plus, a certain Mr. Bieber follows me. 

Instagram: Free
Who doesn't love stalking people and posting photos

Shots: Fee
Primarly downloaded because of Justin Bieber but to be honest I really do love the app simply because no one can comment on your photos so it gets rid of the negativity that instagram and Facebook can create.

Fahlo: Free
Its a fan club.

Snapchat: Free
At the beginning I was on this app everyday, now I find it quite boring. 

Timehop: Free

Solitare: Free
It's a game that i will either not play for years or suddenly get addicted and can not stop playing.

2048: Free
Probably the only person to not have got to 2048 - Has since been deleted as I got bored of it.

Evernote: Free
The most amazing app if you make lists. Not only do I have it on my iPhone but also on my computer.

O2 Priority: Free
Who doesn't want 40% of at Bodyshop or free chocolate coins from WHSmiths at Christmas?

Whitagram: Free
There was another app that I used all the time but when I updated my phone I deleted everything and could not find it again so i just downloaded this app again.

Bloglovin: Free
On my phone I prefer to read blog posts than on my iPad or Mac. I just find it easier. 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Little Beauty Haul

So the other night I was just browsing the internet and I thought to myself 'I have worked a hell of a lot over christmas, I have just finished a paper round after nearly 3 YEARS! I want some make up'. So I then headed to the wonderful website of Selfridges, but I was not going to pay nearly £5 for postage.

Then I headed off to the wonderful world of CHARLOTTE TILBURY….

Just look at how beautiful the packaging is…

For a while now I have wanted this gorgeous lipstick. I have heard so much rave and hype over their lipsticks so I went out and brought one. At the price of £23 it is my first over £20 lipstick, as all my others are MAC or drugstore versions.

Perfect packaging: Check
The gorgeous 'Bond Girl'

I am well and truly in love with this lipstick. It really is the perfect day or night colour. I only had to top it up once and that was after I had eaten an orange but apart from that the colour stays. As a 'matte' it glided on really lovely.

Also, very expressed with delivery.

The second and final stop of my internet shopping was Debenhams. I like debenhams, they give you free delivery over £30 and who spent £30 exactly, this girl.


I have the MAC lipstick in Dare You and I was gong to go and by a drug store alternative to the apparent lipliner that goes with it. This lipliner in question is Cherry.


This little and highly perfect little box was on my 2015 wishlist: Bobbi Brown eyeshadow. I have wanted a Bobbi Brown product now for years and I was very excited to put this in my online basket and order it. I'm just in love. I was going to get one of their eye palette sets but I stuck with one for £17. Now looking back I have just spent £17 on one eye shadow, oops. I did really want it. Plus my nearest two debenhams do not sell Bobbi Brown so I had to get it online.

Love Alicia x

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The MAC lipstick edit

Everyone loves a good MAC lipstick, I know I do. At the moment the collection is fairly small at only 5 lipsticks, but everyone has to start some where. 

From Left to Right: Pink Plaid, Brave, Pink Plaid (they are slightly different and have different numbers), Dare You, Lovelorn.

The newest lipstick to my collection is 'Dare You', this is straight out of my comfort zone and normally i would have gone for a nude or a light pink. However, this lipstick is perfect. The only problem is you need a good lip liner with it. For me I don't just apply the lipstick on to my lips straight away, I gradually build it using a lip brush so it doesn't look as heavy and gives it more of a finish. 

The next if the first of the pink plaids. I originally brought this lipstick in around may 2013 because I wanted a MAC lipstick for prom. However, this lipstick has been my rock. Look, its nearly finished. I did get another which appears later in this post but the shade is slightly different even though its the same colour. This one is AC2.

This one appeared on my 2014 favourites. My new go to lipstick, in Brave. Its a favourite and I love it. The only think is, it can be quite drying and I get really chapped lips during the winter so not so good at the moment. 

This was my first ever MAC lipstick. Okay, I haven't worn it in a while but Lovelorn does come out in some special occasions. It's a lovely silky texture and is not to heavy. 

The second of the Pink Plaids, I believe I brought this at the end of 2013. I wore this basically everyday for a couple of months. It is very similar to the original, it is a it darker but only slightly, still basically the same colour.

So what do they look like?

Top to Bottom: Pink Plaid (new), Brave, Pink Plaid (old), Dare You, Lovelorn 

Love Alicia x 


Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Soap & Glory Edit

For ages now I've wanted to try out the Soap & Glory sexy mother pucker range. Ideally, I wanted to try out the lipgloss, but with Boots having 50% off all Christmas gifts I went for the gloss crayons.

The quality of this photo is terrible and I am sorry, but the thing is I have
now got rid of the packaging and can not re take this photo.

In all honesty I was a bit disappointed with two of the three colours. However, .... Which I didn't think I was going to like, is actually my favourite. When it is on my lips it's a very similar colour to my lip colour, which is a little hard to believe but some how it is. If it was an actually lip crayon instead of gloss crayon the outcome would have been very different. 


The other two colours on the other hand I'm not as impressed, the Bashful gloss is far to bright for my lips and skin. I just was just not feeling it. 

Even though I am not feeling Fuchsia-Ristic very much,  there is almost no colour when you put it on your lips. I don't like very bright lips for during the day but maybe a bit of colour. However, if i had to chose between this and Bashful, I would probably pick this one but it is not my favourite. 


The crayons do look quite bright but in reality, on my hand they are not as bright but in fact quite pale. 

Top - Bottom: Raplumzel, Bashful, Fuchsia-Ristic
I'm all honesty I probably will not be buying these again but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try other products. Like I said I do want to try the lipgloss version. 

Love Alicia x

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