Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Wishlist

In all honesty I will probably not buy anything off this wishlist, but it's nice to have something to look at and maybe give inspiration to people who may have a birthday coming up or need to buy a gift for someone else. Also, this may come in handy around December 2015 as an idea for my parents who always ask me for ideas on what I want. 
I hope you enjoy what I would like to buy, or maybe receive in 2015! 

Fashion wishlist

Daniel Wellington "Classic St Andrews Lady" watch - Recently I have seen people on Instagram as well on blog posts posting about these beautiful watches. What I love about them are the leather straps. Personally, I think this style of watch is much more classier than metal watches. They can look smart during the day at smart at night. Having said that a Michael Kors watch is still on my wishlist but as a girl who only owns one watch I would easier,y chose this watch before spending an extra £100 on Michael Kors. Also, I love the rose gold elements. 

Michael Kors White or Black Purse - So Michael Kors made it onto the wishlist! I absolutely love the MK purses, even though I would probably get the White filthy it's just looks so classic and high end fashion to some extent. This purse is defiantly on my birthday wishlist. 

Kurt Geiger Shoes - I saw the Carvela shoes in the style Galaxy on their website and just fell in love. I am not normally so,some who looks shining and beads and gems but these are beautiful. However, they are in the sale and I'm poor so I will probably not be getting these. 

We now continue on Kurt Geiger with some classic courts. Yet again these are in the sale. However, I don't end up getting a pair I will probably be buying the Topshop ones as I get staff discount so they are defiantly cheaper than Kury Geiger. 

However, I do love these Niomi Vince Camuto courts. They are just perfect in Nude and I don't own a pair of nude heels all of mine are black and I have a blue pair. Hopefully, these or a similar pair may be entering my wardrobe at some point during the year. 

Cosmetics and Beauty Wishlist

 Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks - they are beautiful, I would take one in every colour if I had the money but I don't. However, after spending some time on the website I nailed it down to my two favourites which now look quite similar: Love Liberty and Bond Girl. Love Liberty has been on my wishlist since about October or so. I think it's absolutely beautiful and will most probably be my first purchase from Charlotte Tilbury. 

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow - I have always wanted a bobbi brown eye shadow now for a while and I am determined to own at least one by the end of the year. I love this "All Spice" sparkle eye shadow, it seems beautiful and would be perfect for parties as it seems a little to dressy for the day.

Lorca Pro Palette - Although I do not know where I will be able to pick one up in the UK, this for me is a must to get in 2015. The colours are ideal for someone like me. I could go dark or light, all depends on what I am doing. I have seem bloggers going on about this palette and I just want to get my hands on it now. 

Dior Rough Dior Lipstick - The packaging is perfect and the colours are Devine. I was actually going to buy one back in Devember when Debenhams had money off select products but I still had presents to buy. My mum did offer to buy me one for Christmas but it's a lipstick I want to buy for myself. I love the colour in the photo, it's not too dark and it's not too light.

MAC COSMETICS Lipsticks - And we have two more lipsticks. Two MAC lipsticks that everyone seems to love: Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy and both of which seem to be available online at the moment. I have tried to get my hands on Velvet teddy now for a while and I'm determined to get it. Also, I really want a MAC red lipsticks and most people rave over Ruby Woo so I guess I'm wishing for that.  

Too Faced: Better Than sex Mascara - I didn't even know that the this was available in the UK as in an causally shop, I did know that BeautyBay sold it but not about Debenhams. I know this is another product bloggers and others are raving about and it's something that I would like to rave about as well. Might be buying this next pay day. 

Skincare wishlist: 

La Roche Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti- Blemish system - I am a girl who suffers with her skin. My skin is oily and I am blemish prone. I have read the reviews and apparently it works. I would like to try it out but i don't fancy paying £32.50 when I am not totally sure It will work. However, this is still a possible buy for 2015. 

Clinique 3 step into kit skin type 2 - I honestly do not know if this is meant for my skin type but I have heard that Clinique is really good for skincare. I know that I will defiantly be buying something for climates skincare range even if it is not this product. Obviously, I will not be trying it at the same time as the La Roche Posay set. 

Origins Zero Oil range - I have wanted to try the zero free range now for a while, well in fact anything form origins. I hear raving reviews about the brand and the product so maybe 2015 is the year I try some out. 

So there you go, my 2015 wishlist. I know for a fact that I will not have all of these goods and products by the end of the year but it's nice to have a wishlist to look at and inspire. 

Love Alicia x 

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