Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Wishlist

In all honesty I will probably not buy anything off this wishlist, but it's nice to have something to look at and maybe give inspiration to people who may have a birthday coming up or need to buy a gift for someone else. Also, this may come in handy around December 2015 as an idea for my parents who always ask me for ideas on what I want. 
I hope you enjoy what I would like to buy, or maybe receive in 2015! 

Fashion wishlist

Daniel Wellington "Classic St Andrews Lady" watch - Recently I have seen people on Instagram as well on blog posts posting about these beautiful watches. What I love about them are the leather straps. Personally, I think this style of watch is much more classier than metal watches. They can look smart during the day at smart at night. Having said that a Michael Kors watch is still on my wishlist but as a girl who only owns one watch I would easier,y chose this watch before spending an extra £100 on Michael Kors. Also, I love the rose gold elements. 

Michael Kors White or Black Purse - So Michael Kors made it onto the wishlist! I absolutely love the MK purses, even though I would probably get the White filthy it's just looks so classic and high end fashion to some extent. This purse is defiantly on my birthday wishlist. 

Kurt Geiger Shoes - I saw the Carvela shoes in the style Galaxy on their website and just fell in love. I am not normally so,some who looks shining and beads and gems but these are beautiful. However, they are in the sale and I'm poor so I will probably not be getting these. 

We now continue on Kurt Geiger with some classic courts. Yet again these are in the sale. However, I don't end up getting a pair I will probably be buying the Topshop ones as I get staff discount so they are defiantly cheaper than Kury Geiger. 

However, I do love these Niomi Vince Camuto courts. They are just perfect in Nude and I don't own a pair of nude heels all of mine are black and I have a blue pair. Hopefully, these or a similar pair may be entering my wardrobe at some point during the year. 

Cosmetics and Beauty Wishlist

 Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks - they are beautiful, I would take one in every colour if I had the money but I don't. However, after spending some time on the website I nailed it down to my two favourites which now look quite similar: Love Liberty and Bond Girl. Love Liberty has been on my wishlist since about October or so. I think it's absolutely beautiful and will most probably be my first purchase from Charlotte Tilbury. 

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow - I have always wanted a bobbi brown eye shadow now for a while and I am determined to own at least one by the end of the year. I love this "All Spice" sparkle eye shadow, it seems beautiful and would be perfect for parties as it seems a little to dressy for the day.

Lorca Pro Palette - Although I do not know where I will be able to pick one up in the UK, this for me is a must to get in 2015. The colours are ideal for someone like me. I could go dark or light, all depends on what I am doing. I have seem bloggers going on about this palette and I just want to get my hands on it now. 

Dior Rough Dior Lipstick - The packaging is perfect and the colours are Devine. I was actually going to buy one back in Devember when Debenhams had money off select products but I still had presents to buy. My mum did offer to buy me one for Christmas but it's a lipstick I want to buy for myself. I love the colour in the photo, it's not too dark and it's not too light.

MAC COSMETICS Lipsticks - And we have two more lipsticks. Two MAC lipsticks that everyone seems to love: Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy and both of which seem to be available online at the moment. I have tried to get my hands on Velvet teddy now for a while and I'm determined to get it. Also, I really want a MAC red lipsticks and most people rave over Ruby Woo so I guess I'm wishing for that.  

Too Faced: Better Than sex Mascara - I didn't even know that the this was available in the UK as in an causally shop, I did know that BeautyBay sold it but not about Debenhams. I know this is another product bloggers and others are raving about and it's something that I would like to rave about as well. Might be buying this next pay day. 

Skincare wishlist: 

La Roche Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti- Blemish system - I am a girl who suffers with her skin. My skin is oily and I am blemish prone. I have read the reviews and apparently it works. I would like to try it out but i don't fancy paying £32.50 when I am not totally sure It will work. However, this is still a possible buy for 2015. 

Clinique 3 step into kit skin type 2 - I honestly do not know if this is meant for my skin type but I have heard that Clinique is really good for skincare. I know that I will defiantly be buying something for climates skincare range even if it is not this product. Obviously, I will not be trying it at the same time as the La Roche Posay set. 

Origins Zero Oil range - I have wanted to try the zero free range now for a while, well in fact anything form origins. I hear raving reviews about the brand and the product so maybe 2015 is the year I try some out. 

So there you go, my 2015 wishlist. I know for a fact that I will not have all of these goods and products by the end of the year but it's nice to have a wishlist to look at and inspire. 

Love Alicia x 

Disclaimer: ALL photos are from the websites that are linked.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

2014 Favourites

How quick has 2014 gone? It seems like it has gone by in a click! 2014 has been a good year overall and while thinking that my favourites of the year were I honestly could not chose.  I hope you enjoy my favourites of 2014 and don't forget to comment your favourites or link me yours.

Happy New Year!

Beauty Favourites:

MAC 'Brave' lipstick has been my everyday go to lipstick since September. As a 'satin' it is not drying and is a lovely nude and perfectly in my comfort zone. It goes perfectly for a day look or for an evening look if you do not want a bold lip.

The Soap & Glory Hand Food has been a favourite of mine for a while but it was not till a couple of months ago when I started to use it daily. I have the mini version which is perfect for my make up bag and the bigger version which I use when I wake up and when I go to bed. I never really loved the smell but it is a smell that I have got used to. It is quite a sweet smelling product but if thats something you like then defiantly try it out.

The Benefit 'Badgal' mascara is now a product I have been using daily for around two months. I originally started using it when I brought one of their christmas sets because I want to try a few of their products without paying the full price for them. Personally, I prefer 'bad girl' compared to 'They're Real' simply because it is so much more easier to remove. The only problem I do find is that sometimes I do have to top it up with another mascara to give more length, however for a simply everyday look it is a go to.

Another 'MAC' product is their mineralise foundation. I have wanted this foundation now for a while and I finally decided to buy it at Gatwick Airport because it was cheaper. I find that it goes perfectly with my skin tone and it goes miles. Since July I have only used round about 1/4 of the product. It does not feel caky and does last for a relatively long period. I do find that it does lasts better with primer however I have used it without at it does still work.

I wear shade NC25

The second airport product, which my mum did buy me for my birthday, is the Marc Jacobs 'Daisy eau so fresh'. It is a very summery scent which does not work as well for this time of the year. However, I still love it and will probably be buying another bottle next year.

Body Favourites 

I first got into Victoria's Secret sprays back in October 2013 but during the whole year I have always got one in my bag ready to spray at break and lunch and a collection sitting on my book case. 
My favourite has to be "mango temptation" but they are all fabulous and smell devine.

This may or may not be my third bottle

Fashion Favourites:

I finally invested in Topshop jeans. I always hear people talking about them. For my birthday I asked for the 'joni' jeans and honestly I am so glad I picked these as my first pair. I have worn them so much lately. However, I do now own the black 'jamie' jeans which I do feel are better quality and much thicker than the joni pair. For me, both pairs are wear far too much. I wear them for work, at college, whenever really. If you have not invested it a pair yet I would suggest you get a pair.

I am wearing the black 'Jamie Jeans'.

Converse. One word converse. I love my converse. This year I have been loving the black and white ones. When 'office' had 30% their entire store I just went for them. If i'm not wearing converse i'm wearing boots, so basically I wear them most days.

They are a bit dirty 

Zara - personally I have never really been in there before but all of the sudden it's one of my favourites shop. 

Food & Drink 

I finally drink tea! Well green tea, I still can't stand normally tea. I feel like green tea is so refreshing and I love a big cup in my Cath Kidston mug after dinner. 

Pineapple had become my favourite fruit, I eat far too much of the stuff but who cares it's good for you. I love it as an afternoon snack. 

Book favourites

"Gone Girl" - I love this book. I was so captivated by it, I read it in 5 days and normally it will wake me around a month to read a book simply because I'm lazy and can not be bothered to pick a book up normally but gone girl was an expectation. It's fantastic.

"Wuthering Heights" - most probably ended up on the list because of English Literature A- Level but still it is a classic and if it's on you read list, just go and read it. I was going to take a photo of the book but I may have misplaced the book that sixth form gave me… oops. 

Film Favourites 

"The Book Theif" - going back to the beginning of the year now. I love films set in the war and the story is upsetting but beautiful at the same time. Yes, it isn't real but it's still captivating. 

"Rush" - Chris ... Just makes it. This film was not something I would go out and watch it straight away but it's a film I would watch if nothing is on. Plus I have been brought up with my dad watching F1 so it intrested me. 

"Justin Bieber: Believe Movie" - Okay I know it's technically 2013 but it came out on DVD in 2014 so it still counts. It made me laugh, cry and realise what a join I have been on with Justin over the last five years. Plus his my favourite so of course he has got to end up on here somewhere. 

Music favourites 

One Direction "Act My Age" - even though I love this song I hope they don't realise it as a single because then it will become over played and annoying. 

5 Seconds of Summer "English Love Affair" - I don't even know why I love it so much, I just do. 

Ed Sheeran "All of the Stars" - it's just beautiful and it's not over played unlike "thinking out loud". That's still incredible as well. 

Fall Out Boy - recently I have been listening to all of their songs and I fallen for them. 

Other favourites

Mcbusted Tour - it was up there with seeing Justin Bieber and NO one is ever up there. It brought back all the childhood memories and the atmosphere was incredible. It's also nice to go to a concert and not see any boys/ men there, in fact there were six boys sitting behind us. 

Capital Summer Time Ball - yes, another concert. This was the second year I went  and standing in Golden circle is much better than general standing. Calvin Harris and Milet Cryus were beyond the best. Plus I have wanted to see Miley for the past 7 years. 

Jersey - the country over the state. I was unsure whether I was going to love or hate Jersey but I actually really enjoyed going. The island is beautiful. The sights you can see, the beaches even St. helier is pretty. There is a very French feel and every where is so clean and just a lot nicer than the mainland of England.

This photo does not do Jersey justice.

I hope you enjoy the favourites! 

Love Alicia x

What Am I Wearing?
Jeans - Topshop 
Top - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Nails - Essie and Barry M

Saturday, 27 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas!

Every year I love watching youtube videos of what people got for christmas and reading their blog posts on what they got. I do it for birthdays and christmas, I like being nosy but at the same time it can also give you inspiration especially if you do not know what to get someone or you may want to add it to your own wish list. So I have decided to share some of the bits that I got for christmas. Don't forget to comment what you got! I hope everyone had a fantastic christmas!
(P.S. I'm not bragging, i'm personally doing this because I know people like to see what other people got)


Hemsley Hemsley: The Art of Eating Well 

The Pointless Book

5 Seconds of Summer: Hey, Let's Make A Band! 

The Gillian Fylnn Collection (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and Dark Places)

Music and Films:

Mcbusted, Ed Sheeran 'X', Olly Murs 'Never Been Better', One Direction 'Four'

McBusted 'Live at the O2 and Tourplay', The Fault In Our Stars


Mac Prep+Prime 

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll mascara and eye makeup remover

Loreal 'So Couture' Box with Volume Million Mascara, color riche le Khol, Scarlett crime lipstick (461) and 408 nail varnish
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette 

Topshop Lip Bullet, loreal 376 and 236, EOS lip balm I'm strawberry sorbet 

Topshop glitter red nail and polish and Jack Wills dark blue and gold set


Body Shop Mango body wash and Lush Snow Fairy body wash

Soap & Glory body butter set (the righteous butter, sugar crush and butter yourself) 

Jack Wills Bath and Body Set

Justin Biener Someday gift set and Justin Bieber They Key gift set

Socks and Boots:

Jack Wills socks (2), Topshop socks (4)

Office Bramble boots 

And finally...

Apple iPad mini 16gb 

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas!

Love Alicia x

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Festive Treats

Three easy treats that are quick and simple for this festive season.
(P.S. They are also very tasty)

Gingerbread Men!

- 110g softened butter 
- 100g muscovado sugar
- 30g brown sugar 
- 1/3 cup golden syrup 
- 180g of plain flour, then 130g of plain flour
- 1 1/2 teaspoon of ginger 
- 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
- icing sugar (for decoration)(optional)
- decorations of your choice (optional)

1) Heat the oven to 180, followed by greasing a baking tray then putting grease proof paper on top so it is easy to take the 'men' off without them sticking.
2) put the butter and both types of sugar in a mixing bowl and either by using an electric whisk (cheating!) or using a wooden spoon mix the ingredients until it becomes smooth.
3) Then add the golden syrup and mix it in using a wooden spoon.
4) Using 180g of plain flour mix it into to you butter/sugar/golden syrup mixture. I put half the mixture in first simply because i find it easier. Once the first half of the flour has been mixed in, add the second half of the flour.
5) Add the ginger. I prefer only 1 1/2 teaspoons simply because I'm nor are my family massive fans of ginger, however, even by adding a small amount they still taste of ginger. It is up to you how much ginger you add, the more the merrier or as little as you want. Then add the bicarbonate of soda. Once both are added mix the ingredients all together. 
6) Using your hands, form a dough with your hands. Once you have formed a ball, put the dough in the fridge for around 10 minutes.
7) Dust your work surface with flour and your rolling pin. Then get the dough out of the oven and roll it out until the dough is about the thickness of a £1 coin or similar.
8) Begin to cut out what ever shapes you want. For me, I chose stars and gingerbread men, but you could do anything that you fancy. 

9) Put you gingerbread shapes onto the baking tray. Try and leave gaps between them because they do grow!
10) bake for around 10-15 minutes
11) Once they have cooked leave them to cool for around 10-30 minutes.

12) Decorate as you wish.


Mince Pies!

Ingredients to make 12 pies:
- half a jar of mincemeat (mine was from Morrison's)
- Ready to roll pastry (I chose puff)
- 1 egg
- spice (optional)
- brown sugar

1) Heat the over to 180 and grease a cupcake tray (trays you would normally put the wrappers in when making cakes). This will stop the pastry from sticking, so when they are cooked they are easy to take out.
2) Roll out your pastry until it is about the thickness of a £1 coin or less. Remember with puff pastry it will increase in size.
3) Cut out 12 big stars and 12 small stars with cutters. I do not know where my cutters are from because  I have had them since I was very young.
4) Put the big stars in each of the holes.
5) Put the mincemeat into a bowl and mix with spice. I chose mild chilli powder to give it a bit of an edge or you can simply leave it as it is. Once you done that, using a teaspoon scope the mixture into the 12 stars in the cake tray.
6) Beat the egg. Once you have beaten the egg glaze the tops of the strars that are sticking out as it will help for the small star to stick on top. I then add some sugar to the mince meat for a little extra.
7) place the small star on top of each pie. Glaze with egg then add a little bit of sugar on each one.
8) cook for around 20 - 30 minutes.

9) Serve them hot with ice cream or cream or leave them to cool.


Sausage Rolls!*

Ingredients for 17 sausage rolls:
- 1/2 of Morrison's 475g (i think) sausage meat
- puff pastry
-1 egg (I used the left over from the mince pies)
-cheese (optional)
- spice (optional)

1) Heat the oven to 180 and grease a baking tray.
2) Re roll the pastry if you are using the left overs from the mince pies or roll out ready made pastry.
3) In a bowl mix together the sausage meat, cheese and spice.
4) Using the egg, brush it all or half way over the pastry. I say half because it may dry out before you get to putting the sausage meat on that part.
5) Place the sausage meat in long stripes length ways down the pastry.
6) Cut the pastry off around 1 inch either side of the meat and then fold the pastry over the meat mix and press it down with your fingers.
7) Using a fork make holes in the pastry so the meat can cook when in the oven. Then using the rest of the egg to glaze the sausage rolls.
8) Cook for around 25 - 30 minutes.
9) Serve hot or cold.

Mince pies and sausage rolls


ALL recipes are my own, before I made them I did research but after making each of them for serval years I have adopted the recipes and made them my own. 

* I original wrote this recipe in more detail but then forgot to save it on Word, hence why the recipe is not as detailed or as nice as the others. Sorry, but this is my own recipe that I have used for serval years now. 
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